TR2 POLL: Courier Ultimatum

Truthseekers: All of the Placement Predictions are in for this Tesserra. @miu2d4r's prediction of H08 was the only prediction from the Enlightened, so that guess will be forwarded along to the Tethered Hand, with no need to include it in the poll.

Voting on this Poll will close on November 11th at 1800 UTC.

Here are the Resistance Predictions:

TR2 POLL: Courier Ultimatum 425 votes

RES nexuskindle: G09
KalalesstabinecoEDEL22Hegel075chiakeshitan1234jpCrazyOneDemonelRi0ModularModularagentorAzhreiaatsepicnuBefagorDugongHuggerkexinggaTTlingCZvikendHhhippponOmadzslow23 398 votes
RES sumochi: G10
MewtwosTranerxoworkscomNaraxerRenyafTheoremOfMapikidobarrettI3ENNUDarHaeTheCryptKeeper5omaOilEvilSuperHerosnakanootokoTardis0SUHANMUUndaringHopeWeaverMangGoonheon1109Amotionindianrunner2 23 votes
RES higamm: G08
quirischaVISTORONDisasterMaker89Proakol 4 votes
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