#BannerRuck 3.0 is Here!

Get ready to stay warm this Winter, Agents (and even warmer for our friends in the Southern hemisphere)! It's time for another GORUCK #BannerRuck Challenge! Here's how to earn the brand new #BannerRuck patch:

1. Grab at least 3 friends and at least one who has never rucked before (at least 4 agents total, the more the merrier!)

2. Put at least 10 lbs in your ruck and load up that #Ingress mission banner you've always wanted to try. Or, make a new one! It should have at least 10km walking distance.

3. Post your completed adventure photos to Instagram before January 20 with the following hashes: #bannerruck #goruck #ingress Make sure to tag us @goruckingress. Include photos of the ruck, your completed banner screenshot, and proof of at least 10km walked from your tracking app of choice. 

4. Fill out this form by January 25, 2020 (earlier is better)! https://forms.gle/SUahNCV4rC8F8Xku8

We'll include a special prize for our favorite #BannerRuck-themed mission banners created during this event, and share our favorites along the way. It's time to move!  

#BannerRuck #RuckForFitness #RuckForHealth


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