Do I quit or do I still play against spoofers?

So tired. We can do anything in the moment in Denmark without we have a spoofer. Niantic just say we just need to report but we use more time on report all this account. I think we about 10 accounts and I know there are more, but they have not take mine portals down. They are not banned but we are so tired of it. If they take down our fields legally I will not have a problem loose but loose against spoofer when they still laugh and create new account it sad. and to our private chat the think is a spoofers too but the will never do something about it. Anyone have the same why?


  • Consider them NPCs, and carry on, or quit. Up to you. Question for you, is your area dominated by one side or the other (like really lopsided)? and is the spoofer on the leading or trailing side? Currently have our own here as well and curious if maybe this isn't some hair brained Niantic equalization plan. Having a hard time understanding their inaction otherwise.

  • With a lot of reports like this lately, and seeing this happening around here too I start to believe what they said about Niantic, Ingress will become a game like Pokemon Go wide open and receptive to cheating players in order to expand the amount of players and popularize the game.

    This is the only explanation, because I see no possibility of maintaining a profile that goes from Brazil to Japan several times in a single week collected missions in the profile.


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    Sadly, players in our area have begun to associate Niantic, Inc. is The Spoofer (cheater) Company.

    Fail to see a reason to be involved in a game when the developers/studio (Niantic, Inc.) fail to police their own ecosystem to keep the most blatant cheaters (spoofers) out AND provide zero customer support too boot.

    Based on our experiences, if you want to cheat, Niantic, Inc. does not seem to care. If your account gets banned, make another free account and cheat for months before any action is taken.

    As for what to do: Should the status quo remain the same I will attend a First Saturday and sprinkle the entire play box with 400+ VR items that I'm holding, give keys to my teammates, and finally delete all Niantic, Inc. accounts.

    So yes... if I quit you can have my gear. ;)

  • we have been the ones who have won the cycle here for the last many months. whether that's why Ingress doesn't do anything about it, I don't know. but it ruins the game between the players and all of a sudden I feel we are in the process of a civil war instead of having fun.

  • Report every incident. Build a case in Niantic databases. Eventually they will be able to detect however they're cheating.

  • I can confirm that there is a problem with spoofers and that nothing is being done about it.

    Sadly, this is not he only problem with cheating that we have in the area, a good amount of players seems to not be able to play with only one account. One player have been caught three times, but is still here...

    I dont know what people think they get out of it? Cheating at a game, defeats the purpose of the game.

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    I understand that a player going from Japan to Brazil several times is weird, but maybe the player is a commercial pilot?

    I had to google "spoofing". This is concerning to me if someone does it in my area. How do you spot spoofing - tell me: how can I spot spoofing?

    Edit: ah I guess if you are actually standing at portals and see someone taking down portals and deploying resonators in app around you....and no people are around - then that is totally obvious! I would be so creeped out.

  • I've been to this location dozens of times. It's not possible to do this undetected.

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    Stinky stuff! Thank you for that video Waterman. To day I learned about spoofing, and it stinks. I understand nightGrubs frustrations.

  • No, they said in comm that shared his account L10 with his friend to become a L12 ( "reviewer of Niantic" ).

    More then 3 times jump Brazil-Japan-Brazil and missions in the profile is an evidence about that.

    And yes, it's a Pokemon Go Player too.

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