@Niantic, re MDAS: swimming with dolphins

supastagsupastag ✭✭✭
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Today on Telegram I saw a photo of an agent on the Ingress MDAS trip swimming with dolphins. I would like to know if this trip was arranged by the agent(s) themselves, or if Niantic or their partner company organised this trip?

I'm not looking to call anyone out here, I just want to know because swimming with dolphins causes great harm to both the dolphins held in captivity and to wild dolphins and if it was done with Niantic's knowledge I'd like to talk with you about it. I'm sure the agent(s) involved are animal lovers - why else would you want to hang out with dolphins? - but I'm really hoping they organised this themselves not knowing why they shouldn't if they care about animal welfare.

Niantic, please can you confirm if this trip was done with your knowledge and approval or just something someone did while they were in town?


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