Coordinates in submission and confirmation e-mail


In Prime mail of "PORTAL REVIEW COMPLETE" and "PORTAL SUBMISSION CONFIRMATION" missing map link of the portal, or its GPS coordinates. Can we have this info in the message e-mail?



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    It has already been discussed that an Intel link can't be included as the same email is used for PoGo. But in another post I suggested a Google maps link or at least plain text coordinates.

  • Intel link it's no necessary, all you need is the Google map link... so it's good for agents and trainers. 😁

  • Yet your portal key includes an address, and the wayfarer site lets you pull up google maps for all of your subs

  • even for the too close ones

  • It's not the same thing, @LachlanF !

  • What else are the co-ordinates used for. You can access the information you are asking for, just via the wayfarer system.

    I can understand wanting a link to a google Maps page for the Candidate, but If you go into the Wayfarer system. Pull up a nomination, and then Click the Google Button on the Map. It opens for you a Link to Google Maps and in the URL has the candidates coordinates.

    I would understand if not getting those links to portals locations ment you couldn't access the data, but you are still able to get that data. If you are struggling to tell which is the "new Portal" maybe try less generic names for your submissions. For me Getting a street address of a portal key allows me to type that address into the Intel Map to find where my new portals are.

    But as @SoylentGrien Said, its due to a shift to a unified submissions system so that Niantic can roll it to any application that uses their Waypoint database.

    If you are not yet L12 In ingress and cannot access the wayfarer system i would understand the criticism, but as your talking about a feature from Scanner Redacted, I'm gonna assume your L12+

  • Why waste time opening Wayfarer and looking for my candidate, when can I activate google maps directly from the e-mail message I receive?

    Scenario: My nomination gets accepted, I receive the email. As soon as I realize that the portal is present in game, I activate google maps directly from the e-mail message and run to conquer it!

    It's simple for Niantic: a new line in the message mail that link to the coordinates of the nomination/new portal.

  • Or the Portal Key your given for the portal. You have 2 options. You can grab the street address from the Portal Key your Given for creating a new Wayspot, or you can from your Ingress Scanner and the same key your given tap the Copy button on the portal screen which copies its Coordinates to your Clipboard. Then you open Google Maps/Apple Maps/ Open Street Maps/ Bing Maps any of the Maps, and paste that coordinate to your location search.

    Remember not all agents use Google Maps, and not all countries where ingress is played can access google maps.

    Also Its not just Ingress Agents Creating Wayspots, - Pokemon Players have to wait anything from 11 hours to 35 Hours to Never for them to discover their new Pokestop/Gym.

    I understand your want to find and locate your new portals quickly, however with the Redacted submission emails we only got a link to the intel website, which required multiple steps to get its address, Click the link, Click the portal on intel MAP, Look at the URL to acquire the Co-ordinates for the portal, then opening Google Maps and then importing the co-ordinates of the portal. Then figuring out the best route to get to the portal.

    Or now via prime (and still pending Scanner subs) See email notification, open prime scanner, open the portal key, get the coordinates in one tap, then paste them into your Map app or type it into your GPS.

    I'm not sure about you, but when I get a nomination successful email Without any prompt in ingress or from wayfarer I can put to where that portal is on a Map, just by its name. I'm an agent who will submit a nomination within 6 hours of a nomination becoming available to me when possible. And when redacted was around i was able to monitor 28 subs a fortnight.

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    So, it is sufficient to add the pure coordinates under the WaySpot description, so that the player can use them with the navigator he/she prefers. I don't think this addition is particularly burdensome for Niantic.

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