The NEMESIS storyline (thus far)

Alright since a lot of Agents (myself included in part) are confused about what is happening, especially after the Courier Ultimatum video featuring (supposedly) 1218 Hank, I felt it was a good idea to post what is known about NEMESIS and how past events have shaped what is happening now. PLEASE post with more details and I’ll try to edit this post to include them!

The Past:

After being brought back to our world from the Portal Network as Simulacra (‘humans’ made of XM), NIA/Niantic researchers were killed off (too many to list individually), plus Wendy (host for ADA), Ezekiel Calvin, initiator of the Niantic Project, and the Hank Johnson we refer to as Prime Hank, one by one by one (except Oliver Lynton-Wolf, the same one from the Intro to Ingress videos, who apparently Sharded himself to escape NEMESIS), see the Investigate Ingress Reddit category to see the ‘**** videos’. In each of the videos, after the person ‘dies’ there is a flash of light or some other odd happening, followed by Nemesis’ symbol.

As it turns out, the people in the videos were not actual humans, but rather Simulacra resembling their human counterpart, with the same memories, personality, and essentially ‘soul’ of their counterpart. As seen in the Nemesis YouTube video ( as the people were ‘killed’ they woke up in the ABADN chamber, revealed to the Agents in part during the ABADDON PRIME anomalies.

What happened was that NEMESIS killed off each of the 13 people because we are nearing a point where the Shapers (responsible for the Glyphs in portals) have more and more influence over the Human mind, which Nemesis opposes. The N’Zeer, who are more geared towards the Resistance faction, have remained relatively silent and out of the picture at this point. But it can be assumed that if the Shapers are cut off, so will the N’Zeer.

The Present:

After waking up in the ABADN chamber, the 13 members realize they are stuck in a ‘world-between-worlds’ type dimension, dubbed the Anomalous Bubble. This Bubble is sealed off from our world by four Barriers placed around the ABADN chamber by NEMESIS, two of which have been dismantled during anomaly events, the last being Umbra.

NEMESIS appears to have their own ‘Magnus’ a group of 13 individuals with special qualities, and not all of them are linked to anomaly events. NEMESIS is using their own set of symbols (dubbed Runes) that are supposedly immune to exogenous (otherworldly) influence and each represents an English letter, a number, or symbol (a period or asterisk, for example).

As reported in the Wendy/ADA livestream, and evidenced in the Ko Lan videos, NEMESIS has Remote Participation Experience tech that allows them to ‘take over and control’ the bodies of their targets. Coincidentally, this is the same tech that might allow the Researchers in the Bubble to show up in our world temporarily during Anomaly events where XM is more reactant and in greater quantities (see video linked above).

The Tessellation and Tessera:

As the NEMESIS threat continues to evolve and more details emerge, a new factor has been revealed. A figure known as the Tethered Hand (named by PAC, @Truthseeker) set up a board at http:\\ for as-of-yet unknown end goal. The objects that go on this board are hexagonal Media objects dubbed Tessera. Occasionally, media drops take place around the world (with hints given by the Tethered Hand to PAC) about the location and/or time of the drops. Sometimes these are media drops globally, others at select portals, and yet others appear as physical drops as evidenced by @teenyhedgehog getting a physical Tessera at the Umbra Anomaly in California. In the case of global and targeted media drops,

For each drop, a post is made in The Tesselation category, In most cases, the first three agents from each faction who receive the media and post it truthfully on the appropriate post will get an opportunity to guess where on the Tessellation a Tessera will go. If more than one of the first three pose a placement, there is a poll to decide which one will be submitted to the Tethered Hand, who will try and place the Tessera in the suggested spots during a livestream.

Factions will earn points for various aspects, but so can Nemesis. Again, the purpose, the Tethered Hand’s objective, and the ‘reward’ for having the most points at the end is unknown. See the rules and directives at the Tessellation website for more.

1218 Hank:

In a recent video released into the Scanners as a hexagonal Media object, titled CourierUltim (Courier Ultimatum), the figure called Courier actually ‘removes’ their mask. This is where we see 1218 Hank Johnson. According to the video, he has claimed that he himself is Courier, that he has not told much of the truth about NEMESIS, and that Agents should help both him and NEMESIS

Now the problem here is that, while Hank has had tumultuous relationships with those in the Bubble and a less-than-stellar view of XM, the timing and almost too-perfect confession have a lot of us concerned it is not really Hank. There are other reasons, but I’ll leave you to find them,.

The Future:

Whether or not you believe Hank is Courier, the future of XM itself is at stake. The Glyphs themselves are in the XM, and if the Glyphs disappear, so might XM. Not to mention there are currently people trapped in a tiny bubble, outside of any known world and could stay there if NEMESIS succeeds. And apparently things are getting a bit testy with so many people cooped up in small places.

The world around you is not what is seems, Agents

Again, there is more to the story but hopefully this will help! Also, I am NOT a member of the Niantic team and do NOT promise all this information to be 100% accurate. I am merely a normal Agent who got pulled into the game and dove into the lore and backstory after joining Ingress recently.

Also, I apologize for typos, grammar errors, etc. I am trying my best from a tablet and its very late at night where I am at.


  • Thanks for posting this. Firstly because I'm still trying to figure out all the lore ( I'm sure many others are too) and sometimes I'm not sure if I know enough or not. This seems like a good first structure.

    Secondly, with so many threads and theories floating about, this seems like a good place to condense them all and see if we can't spot connections we may have missed otherwise.

  • Tessera come in 196 pieces. There is logic behind location of Tessera on the board.

    There is currently a leak in Nemesis. Known Nemisis characters are listed below. With whatever status I currently have on them.

    Myriad: Thwarted plot to virus all portals

    Aurora: Glyph challenge

    Helvetica: Banished from Nemesis post Prime Artifacts challenge in September of 2019. Suspected leaker from Nemisis, confirmed not via transmissions.

    Didact: Nemisis leader possibly?

    Avenir: Nemisis character appointed to find mole in Nemisis, currently trying to figure out how to spin Tessellation into a good thing. Banished Helvetica.

    Requiem: Unknown Nemisis character, seems to be highly suspect of other Nemesis characters.

    Umbra: Banished, took down second barrier with defeat.

    Courier: New player, looks like 1218 Hank Johnson

  • MoogModularMoogModular ✭✭✭✭

    The issue is the choice of wording with Hank from 1218. We have 1218 Hank and the transition through Osiris. There was definitely a reason why Hank became head of NIA.

  • Yeah, who was the courier for the Osiris Stone mission? It’s starting to make sense... when did 1218 Hank show up? I’m relatively new to this, but currently finding the lore.

  • This is me trying to get all my ducks in a row. What is the significance of the 1218 for 1218 Hank?

  • ArkFangArkFang ✭✭✭
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    I think it’s the Node that’s Hank came from, his universe/world. Ours is known as Prime, another known is Osiris, and another 1218. I’m not sure if there’s any significance in the name but it’s just how it’s been known since it was first introduced.

  • Ah, ok, thank you.

    So then, if our universe is the Prime Node, and there's another one called the Osiris Node, then in the video, "Avenir 's Taunt", when Avenir threatens the "people of the Osiris Node" is that important to us, being in the Prime Node, beyond just a blanket threat. Like is it more than an "if one node loses we all lose kind of thing"?

  • I'm not sure on that one. From what I've gathered, we might be both. We are part of the Prime universe, and our subset is the Osiris node, but I'm not sure on that. Anyone from Op Essex able to help out with that one?

  • Prime and Osiris are the same node I believe, but 1218 is the world we were all in from 2012 to 2018. You could call it the original universe for the game/xm struggle that was exposed to the rest of us.

    I am still uncertain how we went from 1218 to prime, and why there wasn’t a massive population issue/more collisions like between 1218 and prime hanks. Or are we still all in 1218, but able to interact with prime universe through scanner tech?

  • a bridge was created by Oliver Lynton-Wolfe during Epiphany night at the Camps last summer.

  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭

    imagine if xm and glyphs dissapeared for a while or so, what would happen lo L?

  • Just adding to some of the info here. A recent video called " Helvetica Unmasked" has recently surfaced. But I am unfamiliar with who that is. Does anyone recognize him?

  • Sure

    BTW this isn't from me. A member called holocronster posted it in the Tessellation area. I'm just passing it on for the purposes of consolidation on information.

  • Helvetica is Martin Schubert Prime.

  • falcobirdfalcobird ✭✭✭
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    The Prime app scans XM in the Osiris universe, just like the Redacted app scans for XM in the "redacted" universe (also known as 1218). They don't really have official names, just nicknames, but Osiris is about as official a name as any.

    The Osiris universe is also called the Prime universe because of the scanner used in this universe (Ingress Prime).

  • Ah okay, its starting to make sense now (as much sense as it can at least)

    Can we discuss hypotheses here or is thread to be kept purely for information sharing?

  • I would say go for it. There is also a group on Telegram that dives into the lore of Ingress, Niantic and Nemesis. Anyone with a Telegram account can contact me, @Ishira or @KoshTheRipper for access to Operation Essex.

  • Send it, seems like my hypothesis is becoming more true... we’re in a fight here soon, makes sense for next years anomaly’s

  • WedgeRivkaWedgeRivka ✭✭
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    Cool, i keep meaning to try and get into those chats but then life happens 😋 Plus, im still trying to figure out telegram

    Ok, so another theory I'm throwing out here ( i like to brainstorm). So, we've seen that Hank (or someone posing as or coercing Hank) is Courier, Martin Schubert is supposedly Helvetica and there are theories floating around that other Nemesis characters are actually versions of the trapped scientists. In the "Mission Day at Sea thread" another agent, Miketrevis, theorizes that, since the Courier mask looks more ancient and less modern than the other Nemesis masks, could it be possible that it was made at an earlier point in time (hundreds of years early)

    For more information on that topic :

    Considering that we know that the bubble the researchers are trapped in is outside of our current time frame and Hank/Courier warns us that the shapers are not what we initially thought, the hypothesis I'm think is, could it be possible that the researchers themselves became the Shapers, realized that by exposing the world to XM made some kind of mistake and so are now trying to rectify it by coming back as Nemesis. Sort of like the Butterfly theory wrapped around the Bootstrap theory type of thing.

  • Skych1ckSkych1ck ✭✭

    What does this message mean.? Is there a reason there for a new glyph language?

  • ArkFangArkFang ✭✭✭

    That is an old message from a while ago, when Courier was first introduced. The new shapes have been dubbed the Nemesis Runes, an alternative to the Glyphs That Nemesis claims is immune to Exogenous (Shaper and N’Zeer) influence. The Runes were created by Nemesis. Each Rune is a different letter of the English alphabet, with other tunes for Numbers and some for punctuation. In each of the videos featuring Nemesis, the Runes at the bottom are a transcript of what they are saying.

  • Can we all remember that this is a story. Please. Niantic will take us done this story howsoever they wish. Can we stop spending half a a day speculating on what the authors will do with the millions of options they have have at their disposal? Let’s go back to basics. Shapers vs. Nazeer. They are the first threat story-wise.

  • Dirtyjoe619Dirtyjoe619 ✭✭✭
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    I think Niantic wanted to throw a curve ball and make another true "villian" along with Hulong. Honestly I prefer Hulong as they were pretty straightforward and did not have all these confusing subplots and stupid unmasking videos. Hulong was also more fun to hate. Nemesis is just getting irritating. And this whole tethered hand thing is more like....**** am I watching. It's dull, has no soul and is boring.

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