Ingress Prime Speedlock Issues still exist after Update 2.35

I just wanted to give feedback, that the speedlock bug after having the app in the background, and then opening it again like a few 100 (and more) metres away gives me a speedlock.

(Android 9.1, Honor Device)



  • Interesting. I am not experiencing it, whether I move 100m or 20km. Standing still or being in motion when I come from the background isn't affecting it on my device. Is it still hitting you in the same way it was in prior versions, or is it a slightly different form now?

  • Seems fine for me now as well.

  • This bug affected me constantly in previous versions, but hasn't happened since upgrading to 2.35.2. It's a huge improvement. Are you sure you have the new version?

  • I am still getting speedlock but less often, maybe 1 in 5 unlocks rather than nearly every time.

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    He did say the Client change was a partial fix. From what he mentioned in Sacramento, there's a deeper issue that is being fixed with the Real World Platform, which affects all 3 games. Probably what causes softlock in PoGo too.

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  • Although I said above it was fixed, I have since had this bug hit me a couple of times.

    1. On Friday, I drove 10 miles with screen off at ~40 mph. When I arrived, I was speedlocked for 20 minutes.
    2. Today while walking, my GPS briefly jumped 30 miles (back home) on phone unlock before finding my actual position. This is common; it happens about once per day or two. Usually it's OK, but this time I was again speedlocked for 20 minutes.

    So I guess it is only mostly fixed. 😞

    v2.35.2, Android 10, Pixel 3

  • We've been suggesting it was an issues with the platform since the beginning. The same is probably true for all the networking-related problems. Niantic hasn't fixed it or even publicly responded to these reports for a year.

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    Given that concerns were raised back when there was a public issue tracker (erm... google sheet), I'd say yes. Given the severity of these issues, I'd expect them to at least acknowledge them. They did so for speedlock issues only very recently. For the networking issues, they remain dismissive.

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    Well Brian said they were rolling out changes just after Sac, and more would be coming if that didn't solve the issue.

  • No speedlock in about 15 unlocks yesterday so this fix is looking more promising.

  • It's back. It's as though the app is back to the old behavior of not tracking movement or accounting for it when the app is in the background. It started yesterday afternoon and has been happening all day today.

  • Hmmm ... have just had the issue reappear for me today as well. Drove back from town, opened the scanner to recharge a few things ... locked.

  • This has been happening to me in my iPhone SE (iOS 13.2). When I open the app inside a building where the GPS is a bit low, the location shifts me away to 100-200 metres. This needs to be fixed as soon as possible as this may be misused by unlit players.

  • The speedlock behavior disappeared again around the 15th of the month for me. I'm wondering if it has something to do with device cache. It did appear ONCE a couple days ago, but it only lasted about 15 seconds. Felt a bit like the Redacted version of speedlock. Mildly reasonable, but still stupid and annoying.

  • Never happens for me on iOS. This has left a number of players ready to quit out of frustration. If they clear data, restart Prime or reboot the device it doesn’t help. That makes it sound like the server is the problem but if that is true why isn’t it a problem on iOS?

  • 2.36.1 has been released. Does anyone still have the issue with that update? If yes, I think it's a good idea to open a new discussion with "2.36" in the title.

  • Appeared to be fixed, but now it's back you say?

    Any possibility that clearing the phone's cache might reduce the speed lock issue now? Worth a try, I'd think.

  • That’s half the problem: clearing cache or even rebooting the phone does not clear it, as noted in the comments.

  • Yes just happened now. Had about 15mins before catching train to upgrade. Speed locked. This is stopping people being able to play.

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