wait WHAT?!

Ok I am not a story focused agent buy any means but I found something weird.

why would 1218 hank join nemesis??

I am not up on the ingress lore so can someone figure this out?



  • We're still trying to figure that out, so don't worry, you're not the only one. There's speculation as to whether or not that actually IS Hank or what information we're missing on this.

  • My best guess is that nemesis may be manipulating hank somehow.

  • Also there’s a lot we don’t know about nemesis themselves. Maybe the story focused agents might know more as they have been following along this whole time or they might not

  • @MaxflowO2 very interesting ideas. I never thought of it like that but what you showed does make a lot of sense.

    On the flip side, I was just reviewing the Courier video and... I don’t think he’s wearing the typical tan vest over an Enlightened tee. If it were the tan vest it would have reflected more light that was on Hank’s face. Might be a red herring but still odd.

  • Think of this, what did the NIA do when Ingress was accidentally released? They ran with it as a game with ADA saying the study will be further advanced that way...

    why not run with the “facts” that a 1218 Hank is enlightened, and unearths the Osiris Stone with our Hank that’s a saralecum... He was and still is in recursion.

    the only way Nemisis wins is if we release our 13 from the bubble they are in... then you’ll see more for the 21 objects appear.

    there is another bold prediction

  • TheFarixTheFarix ✭✭✭✭✭

    But aren't several of the 13MAGNUS already dead?

  • Are they, or did they recurse?

    this is a part of my thought process... but actions not names is where I’m getting my predictions


  • wikkedimpwikkedimp ✭✭✭

    no one in the 13Magnus is dead. 11 of them were released from the abadon chamber and returned to their human form. OLW and Jarvis were the only ones left in it.

  • LariaLaria ✭✭

    There is also the possibility that Hank 2018 has not been himself for some time. There is a technology called RPE (Remote participation) that allow anyone with it to hack into people. Similar to mind control.

    This means, that there is the possibility that someone on nemesis has RPE into Hank to gain access to the resources he can get access to and Ingress prime, since Ingress redacted was shut down.

  • Let's see how this unfolds...


    Essex RPE patron

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  • SielDragonSielDragon ✭✭✭✭

    I maybe trust him because he is the trace of truth for us :)

  • MiketrevisMiketrevis ✭✭
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    P kvua aopur zv, thfil ohur pz pu YWL vy pzu'a Ohur1218. Thfil pz hu ohur myvt aol mbabyl.

  • GridEXEGridEXE ✭✭✭✭

    Seeing as we're uncovering Nemesis to be some of our researchers - there is going to be some recursion in this or is that simply what Dunhaven was warning us about. You can alter the story and change the simacrum but the results seem to mimic previous outcomes.

  • I really don't think Hank would do this. I believe Nemisis is wearing Hank as a mask to throw us off.

  • In the Courier message, we found some clues leading to a book called " The Ingress Alignment." There's some speculation about whether that's actually going to lead anywhere or if it's just something to throw us off (or a publicity stunt). But it's turning up some interesting things so far. One thing it constantly mentions is Hanks adeptness at playing sides. Not exactly opposite sides per se, but enough of a side that he becomes indespensible all around. I'm not ruling out "Nemesis controlling some version of Hank and/or other scientists" just yet. But in light of that information, it wouldn't surprise me if Hank found some information to lead to that video or if Hank is trying to find more information by playing to Nemesis's good side...for now.

    W.z, P dhualk av qvpu pu vu aol jyfwavnyhwof aopun iba P aovbnoa aopz tpnoa il h spaasl svun mvy pa

  • @WedgeRivka i get everything you said except for the random gibberish at the bottom of your comment. Is it some kind of code? I’m really not up on the ingress story so can you please explain?

  • Sorry, its a cryptogram. I dont think anyone was purposely trying to keep anyone out of the loop. You can translate it with decoded A starts at coded H if you want (A=H, B= I, etc) We're just having fun with codes.

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    Wait, surely you are NIA, but is it actually means "National Intelligence Agency"?

    I remember "Niantic Labs" was developer of Ingress Scanner in 2012, although it was leaked from NIA. It means Niantic.inc and NIA are defferent organizations. But since Osiris sequence started that became so vague.

    Now I ask again, "What is Niantic?"

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    [Redacted by self]

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    ok, my thoughts on HJ and nemesis. We have prime and 1218 universe andThere is no reason to rule out more exists. Prime HJ mentioned third exo power (undyine?) that could have been present on both known earths (Atlantis is known in both prime and 1218) and most likely were banished like n’zeer. Had to hide somewhere - and why not on nemesis earth? Nemesis HJ can look the same as 1218 one (his behaviour in front of the camera seems to be slightly different, but it still can be RPE). And for a reason nemesis see exos as a destructive force I could see two explanations - undine were major force responsible for nemesis earth progress and when they were banished it affected them badly or undying are destructive force that both shapers and n’zeer are opposing.

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