Largest field MUs x days (how calculated)

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So how is this calculated? And also max link length x days?


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    Exactly how it looks. If you have a 1000 MU field up for 2 days it's 2000 MU-days. If you have a 100 MU field up for 30 days it's 3000 MU-days. If you have a 2km link up for 100 days it's 200 km-days.

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    I think only counts for your Longest link and your biggest field, or am I wrong?

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    Well, it's the maximum MU * days. If you had a 1K MU field up for 100 days that would be 100K MU days. If you had a 100K MU field up for half a day that would be 50K MU days. It doesn't have to be your biggest field, it's the max field*duration.

    Likewise for longest link. It's the maximum of length * duration, which may or may not be your longest link.

    (Since it's me, I'll save curious people the comm ping. 461,965,033,472. It was "up" for 6.8 hours.)

  • For whom do the fields count? Only for the agent that made the 3rd link which creates the field? @Hosette did your 6.8 hour field count for exactly 6.8/24 of a day? (I pinged to see for myself, but stats were hidden)

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    @saarstahl Yes, the field only counts for the person who threw it. Current MU is based on who owns the resos but MU captured, MU days, longest link are all based on who threw the link or closed the field. I'm kind of sad that I didn't look at my current MU before Niantic took the field down but I was too busy talking to people. I owned all 24 resos when I threw the field.

    Yes, as you saw for yourself 6.8 hours is how long it lasted. I threw the little one MU field at 7:28 a.m. on July 28, 2014 and had no idea that I'd done anything interesting... I was just rebuilding our farm before going home and going to bed. The checkpoint happened at noon and about half an hour later I woke up to a voice on Zello saying, "Wake up... you're Ingress famous!" I thought it was a weird dream until my phone blew up with comm pings so I got up to see what happened.

    Niantic moved one of the portals to take it down somewhere between the 12:00 checkpoint and the 17:00 checkpoint, and there was no comm message for it to determine the exact time. MU days / largest field lets you calculate the exact duration. Well, perhaps almost exact. There is roughly a 48K discrepancy between my largest field (1,629,317,627,904) and what was reported in comms when it happened. I think the profile number is the real one. The engineer who patched the bug later that day once gave me a general explanation of why there's a discrepancy.

    This Reddit thread has some history:

    If you're curious, all three portals are still there. It's this one and the ones next to it:,-122.263956&z=17&pll=37.837219,-122.263956

    I'll attach screenshots of the relevant stats. (I really, REALLY wish we could have the old stats screenshot back. The new functionality is useless to me.)

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