How to deal with brazen multi accounter?

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There is a guy in my town who plays with three accounts. He claims that they are his girlfriend and his kid, but no one has ever seen a second or third person playing with him.

A friend of mine was at a portal in their car when this dude rolled up, and began attacking with one account, logged out of it, logged into another, and began attacking again. So this dude is not only using three accounts, but he is doing it from one phone. The action time stamps are a dead giveaway! The three accounts never do anything simultaneously.

When confronted about it in comms, he accused no less than four people from our faction of being the same person, despite only meeting one of us. Also, when another person mentioned seeing him by himself alone in his vehicle, he stated that "his kid was lying down in the back playing". At 4 AM on a school night.

He also mentioned that no one should try to look at his truck because "he carries". He is a very intelligent person as you can see.

We have reported him multiple times, with several screenshots, and even recording our phone screens to watch how slow the deploys are, and how one account deploys at a time, and so on. Yet nothing has been done.

What are some things I could do to expedite my issue with this person? I am positive if Niantic checked the logins from his device, they could see multiple accounts, yet it seems they do not. What to do?


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    take screenshots in comm etc, send in a support ticket and give them as much info as possible, dates portal names and the suspected spoofer account names and hope for them to deal with this..

  • Only 3 that's nothing a guy here has 8 lvl account's and fills portals on his own

  • There are some around me that I believe also have 8 that claim belong to their family, but the only play they do is hacking and holding items.

    This person I mentioned previously also will accuse anyone who attacks his portals of multi accounting, like he doesn't go right out and recapture them and get them to level 7 right away.

  • If I didn't know pretty much every person who usually plays near me, I'd swear we played in the same town. There's a guy here with three accounts who does the exact same thing. He's an angry little man who thinks everyone else cheats, except him (except he actually does cheat).

    His life seems depressing.

  • We have the same problem with MRJ2000DK and Lenninha (the last is on this forum)

    Lenninha we have taken 5 or 6 times with multiple accounts (LaracroftDK and another one) - we send int a picture of her standing with 2 visible accounts and screenshots with the account and nothing happens.

    MRJ2000DK had at least 5 accounts, many of them banned, but he just keep making new ones.

    His account has been banned temp 2 times and we know he spoofed our field at least 2 times with some of his multi-accounts

    Hes not glyphing, but uses over 10K items a day (ye, we record it, into a sheet) even with under 30k hacks - almost everything are VR-items.

    WE have reported him over 50 times for cheating and he have been reported to the police 5 times (for driving agent down, being violent, trapping our agent into corners, headbutting agents and so on)

    I think the game are ruled be cheaters and it get worse and worse

  • Simple answer. Report, report, report. Each time they do something inappropriate, report it. Keep reporting one per incident.

  • WEll...... its not helping.

    We are many on both sides who report the same players and nothing happens

  • Is not about volume of players reporting. It's about reporting each incident so that they have a body of evidence.

  • Ye, agree.

    I think there have been over 50 separate incidents.

    But, the war on cheaters goes on

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    you need to remove the reason for cheating. If everyone can put 4 mods in the portal, then no one will put them from 2 accounts. The portal system should also be redesigned, because in this scenario, cheaters will have 8 accounts and a level 8 portal. and you are an honest player who will always lose.

  • I think there have been over 50 separate incidents.

    Have you reported each one, or like most areas, complained to each other without telling Niantic? Lots of people complain, very few actually report each incident, and those that diligently document the spoofers get pleasantly surprised often.

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    this has yet to work, sadly. for me, there are two players that i have close to 20 conversation IDs saved (each with a fair amount of proof and a good idea where to check), and nothing has been done.

    it's just really disheartening when you try and play fairly, and take the time to do it right, and some chud comes along from his couch and ruins all your stuff.

  • Each one reported- They are the worst players we have in our playbox - Almost every green and blue player in our cell have taken some kind of action against them and they are not welcome anywhere.

    I don't know why these types of players, even want to play a social team game, that's so strange

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    Mostly they're trolls who like to upset people or cowards who want to think they're winning while they lose.

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  • Easy fix... show gear drops in comm. Makes back packs visible and gives in game data points for enforcement.

  • There are definitely some people who do have a whole mess of people - I remember one family who all played; they could drop something like 5-6 R8's between them all!


    A single person logging in and out of multiple accounts should be reasonably obvious from Niantic's side. More modern versions of Android do shield a lot of the personally-identifying information from the app, though.

  • That's what I'm saying, make visible "player a dropped cap x" and "player b picked up cap x" and you've shined light on back packs and added data points for Nia.

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