MDAS registration and badge- no stated deadline

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I am currently on the MDAS cruise and having a blast, but one thing is really bugging me: Niantic won’t let me get the special badge for attending this event. I tried to register for said event on Friday night, two days before the ship left port, but the event page said “registration was closed.” There was no announcement of a cutoff date, and even if I was cutting it close, I still tried to register before the event started. We don’t have to register for other Mission Days or anomalies more than two days in advance.

I’m not the only person this happened to, just the only one being loud about it. I believe there are at least three other players in the same boat, from both factions.

I understand that official registration was tied to something about running a script to preserve players’ sojourner counts, but why does that mean I can’t still get my name on the list of people who will receive the badge? That’s the only part I actually care about. People get added to badge lists after the fact all the time. I’m happy to PayPal the required $5 to Niantic just to get my name on the badge list if they’re willing to work with me, but all I’m getting is the usual canned responses.


  • We have a group of four and I made sure each of us went through the process. One of the group somehow managed to not end up registered and by the time we realized there was I problem it was too late to fix it even though the event hadn't started.

  • That sucks. Just as with anomalies, they definitely CAN manually give people the badge that have a way to confirm their attendance, just as they could manually make sure everyone's sojourner stayed intact during that time, if that's what people wanted. Now that they know, it's just a matter of if they will bother to take action. This is a new event with a lot of eyes watching to see how it goes. Doing this one different is the cause of the issue in the first place, so I hope they put the time in to fix the hiccups they contributed to.

  • Agreed to this

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