Change Description, he uses portals to **** me.

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Please remove my name from this description, Squick and Cess is not a thing. He put this as a description because I refuse to go on a date with him and it’s harassment.

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  • Have you submitted a portal edit for title or description? This is for portal edit appeals for title and description after getting a rejected edit email.

  • With all due respect, portal edits take absolutely forever and if it even gets rejected, it would be a matter of months if not years. This forum is viewed by Niantic representatives themselves, and a matter like this is something they would be able to resolve.

    Having agents "called out" like this in portal descriptions is petty and childish and I agree that it should be removed. This portal itself is perfectly valid, the second sentence should just be removed from the description.

  • With all due respect Niantic has set out rules and procedures and we should follow them. You don't just pick and choose which to follow. Your reasoning becomes flawed after people do a quick Google search of your name and find out that you run a paid Pokemon Go scanner which is against TOS Niantic should look into your habit of breaking TOS

  • Semi player, that has nothing to do with this topic and should be look at separately. The harassment in the portal has nothing to do with dr and let’s deal with that topic because that is why this post was started.

  • have you raised an issue with remy the support bot?

  • @NianticMP The gentleman - and I use the term *very* loosely - who submitted the edit which you recently reverted appears to still be up to his shenanigans; I recently came across a Wayspot nomination where the submission title and description were substantially similar (if not identical) to the one which Cessilly alerted you to.

    I've already flagged the nomination as abusive based on this thread, but I did take a screenshot of it beforehand in case evidence is needed for further investigation.

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