Portal harassment please change title and Description

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edited November 2019 in Title/Description Edit

I refused to go on a date with him and he now makes portals about me. He twists the story because I said no and please leave me alone. He harassment in portals goes too far. They have nothing to do with the tot lot.


  • Totally inappropriate description and title, please correct ASAP

  • Have you submitted a portal edit for title or description? This is for portal edit appeals for title and description after getting a rejected edit email.

  • With all due respect, portal edits take absolutely forever and if it even gets rejected, it would be a matter of months if not years. This forum is viewed by Niantic representatives themselves, and a matter like this is something they would be able to resolve.

    Having agents "called out" like this in portal descriptions is petty and childish and I agree that it should be removed. Many of us are surprised this portal even got approved in the first place - player names are not supposed to be mentioned in portals and this one has it both in the title and description. The only solution would be to completely retitle and remove the description, or otherwise just delete the portal so that it can be re-submitted legitimately.

  • With all due respect Niantic has set out rules and procedures and we should follow them. You don't just pick and choose which to follow. Your reasoning becomes flawed after people do a quick Google search of your name, we find out you run a paid Pokemon Go scanner which is against TOS http://scanner.drfsupercenter.info:9000/ Niantic should look into your habit of breaking TOS

  • Hey, no need to make this thread about me. From the looks of your posts you chose to only comment on these two threads? How would you suggest a player handle a situation like this? Niantic doesn't exactly have a contact form saying "another player is targeting me in portal submissions"

  • Completely inappropriate portal. Clearly violating the guidelines and it should be deleted or edited immediately. There is really no need to start a pissing match over who did what elsewhere. If there are other issues/violations in other games that should be dealt with separately and handled by Niantic. THIS is a clear and gross abuse and should be handled ASAP.

  • Appeal Accepted - Thanks for the appeal, Agent. Based on the evidence provided, we’ve updated the description of the Portal.

  • I think that who ever is doing this needs to stop. Just because you said no doesn’t mean that this person should change the names and descriptions of portals to **** you. If he’s also doing this via comms I would block him. I am sorry that this happened.

  • This is the creepiest thing I've seen in Ingress. That person has to be on a registry somewhere.

    @OctavianSmash @SEMIplayer Are you both the same person? The only person liking SEMIplayer's blatant harassment leads me to believe that. This thread is not the time nor place for your beef with @drfsupercenter .

    For someone who associates with spoofers, wannabe spoofers, and other various cheaters, you have some nerve going after someone in someone else's thread.

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