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What are some good, bad, or ugly ideas for new items to inject randomness into the game?

Here's one:

Quantum Link Amp: let's you throw links from inside a field.



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    Portal Oscillator: mod that instantly reduces flip card cool down to zero but is destroyed when another virus or refractor is applied.

  • Limited-time AP doubler (30 minute suggested) for planned burst of activity.

  • Scanner Stabilizer: Prevents scanner from freezing or crashing for 1 hour

    Purifier: Portal Mod that allows you to link to other portals with the mod installed when underneath a field. When a triangle is made, the entire area inside is freed from the control field above. Instantly dematerializes when there is no field outside of it.

    Key fracker: Doubles portal keys from hacking for 10 minutes. Minor visual effect and doesn't show up on COMMs

    Giga Strike: Neutralizes any portal within 10 KMs. Awarded to the top scoring player of each faction in a cell's septicycle. A player can only ever hold one and can only use one per a week. Requires a resource sacrifice of items equalling 133,331 XM recycle value to be used.

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  • Dyson Elite or Tesla Coil (Mod) - 

    Absorbs XM from around portal reducing decay. One Dyson extends the life of a portal +5 days, two Dyson's extend life +7.5 days, etc. Only functional on unlinked portals.

    ITO Divide By Coke Zero (Mod) - 

    As mentioned in the recent AMA by Montegue85, ITO that provides more power cubes. When ITO's came out, I tried to google which one gave me more power cubes ... It didn't end well. I glyph hack, the other two the only use I find them good for is the very few times I virtually send a single finger salute by loading up each of the ITO's on Mods and flip the portal. Otherwise I don't see the point. Power cubes though, yes please.  

    Ware Mart (Capsule) - 

    Keyless key capsule. When a key is placed in the capsule the "key" is destroyed but placed in the capsule as the larger picture with metrics (who owns it, level, deploy status, etc) and can be remotely viewed. Nothing can be removed, but can be destroyed within the capsule. Unlimited or high limit.

    Keep your travel keys or your approved portal keys, but not have inventory space restricted. Keep those favorite keys from WHERE you've been. When introduced, will be pre-filled with all previously approved Waypoints. This or something similar has been asked for often and repeatedly. Personally I enjoy seeing the life of portals I created on occasion but I can't keep every key to every place unfortunately... Trust me, I've tried.

    Tupperware Phat (Capsule) - 

    500 item capsule.

    Use the Phat to store your personal set amount of resonators, bursters, and ultra strikes when aimlessly wandering. Use new (ish) inventory Manage to quickly destroy all the junk. Then when ready to play dump that Phat and hit it. Or whatever. Why are capsules restricted to only 100?

    Or zip up all those long distance keys to the Phat temporarily to prevent a accidental yolo throw when just fielding locally.

    Pepsi and Mentos (Weapon) -

    Destroy all mods on faction owned portal. Or target, one mod per PM.

    Power Wells Far Go (Capsule?) -

    Somebody elses initial idea. Enable the Power Wells before a bike, hike, walk, or run and generate Power Wells depending on how Far you Go. Power Wells = Lawsons.

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  • L-O-L XM Dust - (Misc)

    Drop a message near a portal. Does absolutely nothing other then maybe spin, flash, and flair. Message is selected at time of a decided set of messages to prevent excessive abuse, because people can take the time to do that with other gear if they so choose. (ie LOL!, pwnd, I did that, Oopsie!, WAS That Yours?, Wrong Button, Recharge This, Need Some Land O Lakes With That TOAST?, etc)

    Go one step further and include audio bytes: Erkel - Did I do that? Moana - What can I say but you're welcome! Crystal Method - This transmission is coming to you, we got it.

    Persistent until 'Dismissed' by any agent.

    Tor Jan Go! - (Mod)

    Looks like 3/4 of a Pokemon ball and uses three mod slots but prevents a portal from being virused. If virused, 1/3 of the Tor Jan Go! is consumed. Provides limited shielding to bursters, but can not be destroyed by repetitive ... striking.

    Cia Lis Hank (Virus)- 

    All resonators become owned by Hank. Only usable on same faction portal.

    Allows low population farms to be created. A single player could effectively build an 8 or more rapidly build an 8 with additional people contributing. Make LARGER level portals for remote players who have a life or don't use mule accounts to transfer gear around. Help for players who have trouble getting up and maintaining their portal levels.

    Don't follow the storyline but I guess this Hank guy is suspected to be the new Wingdings villain?

  • You did say randomness and possibly bad ideas...

    Item: GPS Scrambler: When used, creates a target area that lasts for 13.31 minutes. All Agents in the target area will experience large amounts of GPS bounce until they leave the target area.

    Weapon: Link Smasher. When used, it shatters one random link coming into or out of a portal. May be used by either side on any portal. This is kind of like a flip card for links instead of portals, and as such would be just as rare as a Jarvis Virus or Ada Reconfigure.

    Item: Disco Linker: When used on an unlinked portal with 8 resonators, the disco-linker will attempt to link that portal to 1 other random unlinked portal that has 8 resos and is of the same color that is anywhere on the globe, regardless of the levels of the portals, or whether the agent that used the item has portal keys for the two portals. The link will only succeed if the attempted link does not cross over any existing link. The item will fail and fizzle if the link fails. The disco linker cannot be used during anomalies.

    Item: XM Stone. Rare item that does absolutely nothing but take up inventory space. Obtained through hacking portals. Comes in levels 1-8. May be recycled for <xm_stone_level> XM or dropped on the map.

    Weapon: Link Damage Transfer. This item is put on an opposing portal by an attacking agent. When put on a target portal, for 10 minutes, it duplicates damage that all resonators of the target portal receives and sends it to the resonators of portals that are directly linked to the target portal. The damage linked portals' resonators would receive would be split evenly among all resonators of all linked portals. Damage from a link damage transfer would ignore shielding of the linked portals, but not the shielding of the target portal.

    Portal Mod: XM Fountain. If deployed on a portal inside an existing XM field of the opposing color, then the fountain will make the anchors on that XM field deteriorate faster. If deployed on a portal that is NOT under an XM field, or if the fountain is deployed under an XM field of the same color, then it has no effect.

    Only one XM fountain can be deployed per portal. The effect from one fountain is not that pronounced, but effects from multiple fountains stack, The level of the portal matters. Fountains on higher level portals will have a much greater effect on the field's anchors than fountains on low level portals.

    Item: XM Regenerator: When used, creates a space on the map for 10 minutes, or until all XM in the regenerator is expended, where agents of your faction in the target area have increased XM regeneration.

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    Grenade: touch the screen to explode the grenade in that location. Any opposing agent standing within 40m of the explosion loses some XM (and gives it to you?), the amount depending on how close the hit was. A L8 grenade should be able to steal at least 8000XM if you score a direct hit.

  • All these disagrees!

    I worded Giga strike poorly I guess. I mean for it hit one portal, not ruin the game for 10km lol.

    Dunno why everyone else is getting disagrees though. We do want new mechanics at some point, don't we?

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    Everyone on this forum is curmudgeonly. At least Niantic added the disagree button so we would all stop getting hit with reports.

  • That would eliminate inoculation from being part of the game. That or to inoculate it would them require 2 viruses and one of these other things. Yeah. No.

  • Sorry, but I can't stop laughing at how useless that is xD

    Portal has to be captured by your faction in order to deploy mods, why would anyone want a mod that benefits opposing faction?


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    A mod that Prevent keys from dropping when the portal is destroyed.

  • What about this:

    A Portal Builder: This item wil create a Level 6 portal where used. The portal is only visable to the agent who "constructed" the potal. It is not possible to link to or from the portal. It is not possible to upgrade the portal beyond Level 6, It is however possible to place the normal two mods in this temporary portal. The portal will decay after 48 hours and no rechage is possible.

    The item is purchased from the store.

  • XM Magnet: Activate to suck in all XM in a circle 3 times larger than your action circle. You may not perform other actions while the XM magnet is on.

    XM Recycler: Activate to create level 1 power cubes with any unused XM you pick up off the ground. Note, keeping this on may fill one's inventory with a TON of level 1 power cubes, so use at your own risk

    Portal Blinker: When used on a target portal, for 13.31 minutes, target portal will switch alignment every 39 seconds. When time is up, all resonators and mods on target portal will disappear and the portal will revert to level 0.

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    Glyphlock: allows user to set a secret glyph sentence on a portal up to 5 Glyphs long that increase hack output.

  • Man, is this thread the opposite of the “Like Thread”?

  • Master Key: Lets you link to any portal. If an enemy portal it willl act like a Jarvis or ADA when used to complete a field.

  • Excuse, how do you intend to close a field from an enemy portal using ONE key?


    Guys, do you even think about this stuff before posting it?

  • Item Bomb: When triggered, will spill a ton of different items all over the map. Agents can pick these items up before they disappear.

    XM Nuke: Requires the approval of 80 percent of all active agents on both sides to detonate. Once detonated, the XM Nuke would remove all resonators, and portal mods from all portals in a 20 mile radius. All links from the affected portals will be broken, and no portal keys will drop from links destroyed by this weapon. This essentially resets the game in the affected area.

  • I think the XM Nuke kinda exists already, I believe it's called Prime xD

  • scanner EM Pulse (Defense Item)

    Allows to fire a EM pulse on the surrounding area to temporally disable enemy scanner.

    Defensive weapon to protect near portals

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    An item that allows one to use 50 of one item level to get 1 of the next level up.

    For example 50 R7s to make 1 R8

    Uses up the special item and 50 R7s

    50 R8s to make 1 R9

    50 R9s to make 1 R10

    Etc, etc

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    I don't think I've seen this suggestion before. How about a VR Mod that allows agents to deploy 2x level 7 and 8 resonators to a portal?

    xBooster- VR, Doubles the amount of level 7 and 8 resonators an agent can deploy to a portal. Non-stacking.

  • Mod Extractor: (Virus)

    A virus that allows the extraction of a mods from a portal of both factions, 3 variants VR, R and C, useful for the elimination of bad mods in portals farms or steal mods to the farms of the enemy.

    Greater rarity of the virus greater efficiency in the extraction of mods of less rarity, greater difficulty in extracting mods in opposite portals, waiting time between uses 1 hour.

  • Timer Capsule

    You can place any items you want in this capsule. It will activate the contained items at a specified time.

    Example: Place it on a portal with a Flip Card (Jarvis/ADA) and it converts the portal to the opposite faction.

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