Questions for Osiris Hank Johnson

Truthseekers: I'm getting word that Osiris Node Prime Hank will be attempting a transmission from within the Anomalous Bubble on Tuesday, November 12th at 1800 UTC. If anyone has any questions for him, post them here, and I will pass them along!


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  • Are you actually nemesis as seen in an intercepted video

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    Hello Hank, long time no see :) Have you ever seen Stuart Lightner in there? If he is there, do you know why? He wasn't Niantic researcher. Who are there except researchers?

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  • Hank, you have been called the viator, your very archetype is explorer... And you have been stuck in a finite space for some time now.How's the cabin fever treating you?

  • I have quite a lot of questions.

    1. Have you seen the latest video in which 1218 Hank appears wearing a Nemesis mask and claiming to be part of Nemesis? What is your intake about this? Do you believe your counterpart is a Nemesis member or do you think there is another explanation for this?

    2. We've heard (doesn't matter from who) that you and Devra have become... "Close" during your entrapment. How would you classify your relationship with Devra right now?

    3. How are you guys doing with the RPE avatar technology? Any change you'll be testing that anytime soon?

    4. In Wendy's transmission, we learnt that ADA has been hiding inside Wendy this whole time, have you had a chance to talk to her? To both of them? What do they think about this? Is ADA helping you now that her presence is out in the open?

    5. I'm planning to hold an RPE session in my country mostly for research reasons. Have you got any piece of advice for doing this?

    6. Are you planning to do any type of research on archetypes and their interactions with XM taking advantage of your confinement.

    7. How getting along.with the other researchers? Anything worth telling us?

    8. Do you think all of your "house" mates are to be trusted or may some of them be connected to Nemesis somehow?

    9. What do you expect we will accomplish with the tessalation?

    (I do have more questions, maybe I'll post them later... Thanks you PAC for passing these ones along!!)

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    Did you notice that the TKO operatives in Koi Lan were RPEd by nemesis? In reviewing the tapes, we can see their eyes flashing colors through the glasses. Did you see anything out of the ordinary ?

    Where did you get the Osiris Stone from that you handed the agents in Koi Lan? Moments before you arrived, the TKO came and stole the stone from the agents. Then you and the other Hank come through like you didn't notice anything.

    We recently received a message from what appears to be Hank from the 1218 universe saying that he is a member of Nemesis. Do you think it's really him?

  • Do you know anything about the relationship between 1218Hank and Courier? Is 1218Hank a member of Nemesis, as he said in the video?

  • Should we call you Prime Hank or Osiris Hank? Or do you prefer young, dashing Hank?

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    In the video promoting Nemesis before this really got started (YouTube video on Ingress channel “Nemesis” there is a brief image of possibly you(?) and Devra kissing. Care to comment?

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    Hello, I have some interesting questions from our small research community for you.

    Hank-1218 recently admitted himself that he is now on the side of Nemesis, as the Courier. How do you feel about it?

    It is also interesting to know if there are any versions of companies like Vizur Technology and Hulong Transglobal in the Prime universe that were in the 1218 universe? Recently, there has been little or no information about them.

    You, along with other researchers, have been in the Anomalous Bubble for several months now. Where do you get clean water and food, life support system and how much more time do you have to stock up on?

    And the last question is, I live in Russia, so it is interesting to know if you have traveled here? What artifacts and phenomena connected with exotic matter have you found or know about their existence in our country?

    Thank you in advance for the answers, and, as they say, hang on in there!

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    Assuming that if you are Nemesis, what would Nemesis offer the members of the Resistance or enlightened for supporting the cause of nemesis? I finally ask in case you are nemesis, what are you going to add again in ingress prime since I imagine that nemesis must have knowledge that we still do not know.

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    @Robertmusol wrong Hank. The one doing the livestream is the Hank with dark hair and much younger, Prime Hank. The one in the video from Nemesis is SUPPOSEDLY 1218 Hank, who jumped worlds to be in ours from his own Universe.

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    @ArkFang But and if they are the same person. Would it be possible that the two Hanks were connected?

  • @Truthseeker

    Since a version of our hank is now nemesis, please show us why we should believe anything he’s said period?

    Also why is umbra afraid of avenir?

    Is Didact the leak?

    Is tessera the end stage, if so, can we infiltrate nemesis?

    Also, need snacks, I’m good at this sneak in and sneak out game... but seriously is the chow good? I’ll bring you guys pizza, if you can give me a clue!

  • Hello Hank. Which part of the US do you live in? What is/are your favorite movie(s)?

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    In Wendy/ADA's livestream, Wendy revealed that Nemesis had RPE tech and could 'take over our bodies at any second'. Do you think that this could have happened to 1218 Hank, that he was 'taken over' and said he is Courier? Or do you think he is truly Courier and a part of Nemesis?

  • Are you working with Prime Hank?

  • What happened to Wendy/Klue at the Ko lan challenge?

  • When did you last see Jahan?

    1. When's the last time you saw Jahan? Do you know where she is or could be?
    2. What happened before you came back with Hank1218, after you got the Osiris Stone back from Nemesis?
    3. Who did you see before you crossed the road you were hit on and then sharded?
    4. Have you tried lightman's new experimental RPE technology? We saw that Enoch tried it by mistake, is that correct? What knot did it go into? Does it only work towards nodes other than ours? Are you working to make it work in our node too?
    5. your body was taken and brought into the anomalous bubble from Afghanistan? As Jarvis should be, are you again a simulacrum recreated near your body?
    6. The message that you sent and that we received thanks to the CAP was interrupted. Tell us about your theory about Atlantis and Alexander the Great in relation to the Undine Silica.
    7. The power of your coins, as prime objects, is to restore the memory of the old simulacrum to the new or the original body. Originally this power was limited to a few memories but now it is not. How did you manage to achieve this result? Thanks to the combination with a second Prime Object?
    8. Inside the bubble we saw that you have many Prime objects: the Osiris Stone for example, your coins (I suppose) and at least one other seen in a video of schubert. How many artifacts did Calvin manage to collect? What do you know about the link between artifacts (which we can see as a "network of prime objects")?
    9. What do you think about Hank1218 now that we know that he is a Nemesis member? Do you think that he is controlled by Nemesis or that he isnt Hank1218 but another Hank from another node?

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    If you were a font, which font would you be?

    Would you rather be a human or a Simulacra?

    If you had to, would you **** Courier if it meant killing Hank Johnson 1218?

    Can you trust that you yourself won't ever become Courier of Nemesis?

  • I'm going to ask a question someone reminded me we need to ask.

    Hank, what happened at the Niantic project?

  • Okay, many questions are there. I have a question that other perspective I think.

    We are currently on eyes to the Undine Silica, but do you know "Anazktec Stone" that YET ANOTHER Hank Johnson mentioned? He said it acts as a magnet for XM but that's not all it attracts. And we've been able to obtain many copies of that Stone during Field Test Sept 2019. All of "copies of artifacts" seems to be addressed as Tesseras, it might become important...

  • We need a special information to know you really are the Hank Jonson of Prime Universe and not one more Nemesis Agent

    You had a television show, what was his name?

    Where is the Bermuda Triangle?

    Do you remember recovering the Osiris stone from two Nemesis agents at the end of Koo Lan?

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    I am surprised at the fact that hank johnson 1218 is nemesis. You acted with him as budy in KoLan.

    Did you know that? If you have known, when do you know the surprised fact?

  • Tell me your impression when you first met Devra

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