November 2019 Ingress AMA Question Thread



  • Hello Andrew,

    a tech question again: Will you unlock the game for higher framerates and 100% resolution scaling? Optional graphics checkboxes in the settings would be fine for this. Since you unlocked glyphing for 60fps it became really apparent how much nicer the gameplay feels with higher framerates, so why not have it for the map view also? If battery usage is an issue: We're Ingress players. We have powerbanks.

  • There has been some back and forth about whether or not a candidate would be valid if it’s on the premises of an already sponsored location. Does that disqualify a candidate?

  • Recently events with tiered badges (such as IntelOps and OPR live) are not held frequently. But those tier levels are too difficult to upgrade. I think those tier should be modified, or those could be hold those more frequently?

  • Will the ability to see ourself on the scanner when using remote view come back soon? I think it was possible on Redacted. If this isn't the right place, where can I submit this?

  • Sorry for posting multiple times, but these were generally enquired about in the community here in regards to OPR

    3. Many well known smart phone Companies have an automatic Water Marks on their photos. Few Submissions which have only the phone model of brand name as watermarks, where the submitter is non identifiable. Can we accept these? Do we have leniency in such rural Submissions?

    For e.g: Watermarks like "Shot on OnePlus", "Shot on PoCo".

    4. How are we defining a rural setup, how much portal density would we consider it to be rural, thus showing liniency in OPR in such areas.

    e.g: Do 10 portals in a 5km radius count as rural?

    5. Submissions made while in a vehicle, if the photo is clear and is a valid portal. Can we accept such Submissions? (This can help in rural submissions)

    e.g: The Submission seems perfect but the car dashboard is slightly visible in the bottom right. As long as the Submission and the details are correct and the portal is valid, can we not accept these portals?

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    Can something be done or looked into for the consistency of portal appeals, it seems very much like pot luck if an appeal is successful.

    Within the last week there has been one appeal to remove a falsified portal which never existed rejected, despite there being pictures proving it isnt there and doesn't exist, while another appeal, which didnt follow any of the appeal guidlines, wasnt completed correctly and had 3 valid portals on it, was accepted and all removed.

    It really feels as if there is no consistency with appeals at all

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  • Is there any plans to push ingress in the public eye?

  • Do you think it would be helpful as far as making money to have us have avatars, like in Pokémon and Wizards Unite so that you could add clothing to the store to sell?

  • When will Wayfarer be avaliable for PoGo players in Brazil?

  • Are there any plans for MD to comeback in Europe, there are currently no standalone MD since this Summer.

  • Item idea: XM Catalyst. Similar or lower drop rate as ADA and Jarvis but when deployed on a portal temporarily beefs it up to lvl 8 for say for maybe 10min.

    Your thoughts?

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    In my country (Poland, but I think same applies for Czech) it is common for certain very old trees in the cities to be labaled as "Monument of nature" due to their scientific/cultural value. This monuments of nature are marked by a small board on its bark, which states that they are the protected "treasure" of the country. They are also listed at district website. However, they do not have any additional self-standing man-made boards.

    For clarity here is the link to photo of example

    And enlargement on the board itself

    As a result of very unfortunate translation of "natural feature" as "element of nature", such candidates, and any other candidates that have at least a small element of nature, are considered invalid. Is this the correct approach?

    If not - I strongly encourage you to change the translation from 'element of nature' to 'natural area', which more accurately describes term 'natural feature'.

  • We have roads for pilgrim voyage that are almost 1000 years old (because of a major change in our 

    country's history back then). One is supposed to walk these roads, but it's possible to drive most of them. 

    The Pilgrim roads are marked like trail markers, but the OPR comunity can't agree if they should be 

    accepted as portal candidates since they're following roads or is close to a road and is therefor not 

    trail marker. Please give us some guide on this matter.

  • I’m trying to figure out a good example of a local hotspot that will pass review. We have a local non-chain coffee shop that is a common place for College students studying together and just people grabbing coffee with friends. Additionally it brands itself as a Cuban coffee shop and has a lot of cultural aspects inside. Would this kind of business fit what Niantic is looking for with that local hotspot criteria?

  • I can join nemesis when?

  • Why the range to get editions to review is so small in comparison with nominations?

  • When it comes to fishing piers, is the sign requirement really necessary? Most piers do not have signs but are indeed outdoor gathering places for an outdoor activity that is considered a sport with tournaments and competitions.

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    Where are Prime 2.35? Soon but take long time to relese.

  • How about Mission Day submissions for 2020? Heard that's not possible at the moment. Could you please tell us a bit about future plans and roadmap?

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