November 2019 Ingress AMA Question Thread



  • When will you finally implement navigation to portal as it was in redacted? It is not possible to navigate in deep forests and on 2G Networks using maps or similar 3rd party apps.

  • Could you explain the difference between single-family and multi-family residences?

    In OPR, many portals are evaluated in buildings and condominiums, and I need to explain this information correctly to my community.

  • There are several agents that plan vacations and time off from work around Anomaly schedules. When can we expect the official announcement of the next dates and locations of Anomaly play?

  • I have a question around pedestrian access. I've noticed that Wayfarer refers to this as "accessible by foot", whereas the older guides specified that a designated pathway was required to lead all the way up to a POI.

    An example that comes to mind is a community garden, with only grass between it and the nearest road (which is some ways away). Does the grass suffice as pedestrian access, even if no obvious walkway exists? Is the focus moreso on ensuring that vehicular roadways do not prevent access to the POI (a la roundabouts)?

  • I would like to know when they will leave the Prime ticket without bug and it works and very smooth evidencing that the 3300 mAh battery totally in less than 3 hours, since it is not a sofa game?

  • Can we have a clarification on whether all properties owned by Scouts and Guides should be marked as "K12" please? I understand and fully agree with national headquarters etc which are usually used as camps (where children will be staying overnight on the property) being disallowed from becoming portals.

    However many "Scout huts" and "Guide huts" in the UK may only be used for scouts etc for a couple of hours a couple of times a week, and the rest of the week function as a community centre and be used by other community groups. (For example, my local one has the various age groups of Scouts on a Sunday later afternoon through to evening. During the week it is used by Dog Training groups and other groups so it is used for activities for adults for much more time than it is used for activities for children). These are being rejected, whilst community centres owned by other charitable organisations or housing associations etc, which also host Scout and Guide groups are passed. This creates a disparity between areas which is not based on the percentage of time for which the centre is used for child activities supervised by people other than parents, but solely on which organisation owns the building.

    If we can provide evidence that Scout/Guide huts are routinely also used as community centres by adult-based or parental supervised activities rather than solely hosting Scouts/Guides, can they be assessed under Wayfarer with the same criteria as Community Centres (ok so long as the majority of the use isn't "childcare")?

  • Another thing I would like to know when will we be able to see the scanner right on a very sunny summer day?

    Not even at the maximum brightness of a cell phone (I use the zenfone 4) can see in such a climate.

  • Hello,

    Do you have any plans to allow customization for vibration settings? I liked having vibration on for glyph hacking, but at the moment, enabling vibration turns it on everywhere and makes menu navigation very uncomfortable.

  • Wayfarer - in relation to the cycle routes, I feel that saying the national cycle routes in the UK are all numbered is meaningless, as almost all our roads also have a number, and many have a name. I felt the clarification of a named trail was very helpful.

    However sometimes I have seen trailmarkers come up which are for a named trail but the name of the trail isn't on the marker, instead there is a symbol such as a bird which can be found linked to the name in the listing of the trail online. Are these acceptable? (I don't mean ones just with a coloured circle or stripe)

  • NXTMaxNXTMax ✭✭
    edited November 2019

    I'd just like to know if NIA OPS finds these portals beneficial to the Portal Network.

  • The MDAS is going on right now and is a huge success, . I hope to see this continue, and started from a player idea. The bacon event in Iowa is player driven but also worthy of Niantic involvement, now in its third year. Does Niantic plan to support player driven events in the future?

  • This one is Actually for Hank Johnson. Where is Gallifrey?

  • HavokTHavokT ✭✭✭

    Would also like to know in addition if this could be applied for the edits in review (location/title/discription)?

  • Could you add updates for OPRs?

     They are constantly changing acceptance or rejection criteria.

     A good way to upgrade to the OPRs would be to send news by mail, informative through their channels or perform quarterly tests to the agents. This would ensure that they maintain good judgment when evaluating.

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