November 2019 Ingress AMA Question Thread



  • Will there be Capsules to hold Media?

    Like the current event needs media and we don't know if we need them for for the future or not so we don't delete them and same time it holds up space. A media holding capsule, similar to key capsule could solve the issue of running out of space.

  • Hello,

    There is one feature I really miss from Redacted, it is the "long touch" in order to activate bursters. Would it be possible to implement that in this version? I feel I am slower to react and attack.


  • When a new Wayfarer Review Guidelines is eventually published, will there be some sort of in-game notification about it?

  • Why the alert notification in Prime is still delay?,

    Would it be good if we can get notifications immediately when attacks by different fraction can be detacted, to help us to defend wayspot.

  • Are there any news related to the quantum capsule and reproduction of VR modes? Maybe like hatching eggs in PoGo....


  • Hi Krug,

    Since Prime has come out, submitting portals on cellular data has become essentially impossible. Even an extremely strong 4G signal will almost never result in a successful submission, yet will work on even the spottiest wifi. This has made submitting anywhere other than at my apartment extremely difficult if not outright impossible. In the Redacted days, where the submission could sit and wait for a strong enough signal to process while I moved to a different area, submission was an awesome experience. Nowadays it's hard to be excited about expanding the POI database anymore. Last weekend I went to a rural area that had a township hall with a large park full of POIs behind it, and several churches that weren't yet portals. So I snapped pics of them all, only to once again get my nominations to time out, and then discover that the location is about 6 miles too far to remotely sub from home, so now there's this area just begging to be discovered, that essentially never can be, that I could have effortlessly subbed with Redacted.

    Is there any possibility at all of getting the old system back in Prime, or is nominating outside of one's immediate area just going to be a complete bust indefinitely?

  • Please make the approval ot rejection of mission process for those resubmission is the same duration for thr new one. Many thanks.

  • Could you add the INTEL link to the email of new approved portals please? (as it was in redacted)

    It is very useful and much easier to locate the new portal in INTEL.

  • Cheating prevention:

    Have you thought on making some stats always available? In particular hacking stats, xm collection and recharging.

    I notice that there are a lot of portals always recharged on my city that would require many power cubes to keep them recharged. I usually report the behavior, it is normal for a few days and then the fully recharged portals are back.

  • Could you fix or change the indicator on the portal nominations map?

    The indicator shown on the map when nominating a portal is too basic and inaccurate.

  • Hey,

    there’s some debate in the UK wayfarer groups on wether to accept National cycle path trailmarkers. I feel that the post comes under trail marker as it is numbered with a unique trail (each cycle route in the UK is also named)

  • falcobirdfalcobird ✭✭✭
    edited November 2019

    Will we ever see the return of the Ingress report? I am sure that many people would appreciate hearing weekly news stories about sitreps around the world, and having the story condensed into something that people can digest who are not deeply involved (read: Essex). Maybe we will get to see Susana Moyer Prime?

    Can you please bring back the Investigate Ingress page in a form that allows us to review the story for the past few years? Is any of the material that was posted on Google+ going to ever be released?

    Also, will we ever get an idea of what happened in the story as the #EXO5 and #fateofthe13 event drew to a close? So many loose ends for it to just end like this without closure. For example, what are the precursors? Who or what is the EXO that Misty trapped in her Mind palace? What is the exact nature of the tecthulhus?

  • Vl4dVl4d ✭✭✭

    Some people still have not received MD/FS/anomaly badges without the issues of namechanges and such, which normally would cause this. In my example, I still have yet to receive the MD Bristol badge. How are earned, but not received badges processed by Niantic? And will people still receive them?

  • Howdy Andrew, what is your favorite type of cookie for the Christmas season? (If christmas isn't your thing, just your favorite winter treat will do. :)

  • This keeps disappearing while playing, it’s the most valuable bit of information on the scanner, can we have it so it remains visible at all times please

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