The Case of the Missing Field (A PNW Enlightened Mystery)

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On Wednesday October 31st, 2019, the combined efforts of agents across Oregon and Idaho, culminated in a BFF (Big Fantastic Field) covering approximately 65,000 square kilometers. That's 16,061,849 acres for those of you keeping track.


Great question! This Saturday our hard work was destroyed by an agent named SantJoseph, who was too busy to grab a cup of coffee with me because he had to rush back to Panama. 🙄

It went a little something like this.

11/2 @ 5:26am PST captured "F4 Monument",-121.748264&z=16&pll=42.16242,-121.748264

Continued to play in Klamath Falls, Oregon until 6:22am PST

9:33am PST captures "Iglesia Del Nazareno" in La Chorrera, Panama,-79.789836&z=17&pll=8.874393,-79.789836

No portals were touched between those times.

*This means he traveled 5621km (3493 mi) between destinations in three hours and thirteen minutes.*

The nearest international airport to Klamath Falls is one hour away, in Medford. The quickest flight between Medford and Panama City, not including security checks for an international flight, is 8 hours and 30 minutes flying with Delta Airlines. Then drive time to La Chorrera would be another 45 minutes. This trip would be difficult to accomplish in under 12 hours, and physically impossible in under 3.

Even with a private jet traveling at max speed of 575 mph, it would take six hours in the air to travel the 3493 miles point to point. Any aircraft moving faster would have to refuel several times during the trip.

*This portal was spoofed.*

Spoofers suck.

Niantic should do the right thing and ban the spoofer, then restore the field.

Please report in solidarity.

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  • You have that right. There are blatant spoof actions in my zone that need to be slammed shut.

  • Wait, are you telling me I can't teleport between locations? Damnit. There goes my holiday plans.

  • Still no ban? 🤔

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    Maybe he worked some sort of deal out while he was having lunch at Niantic HQ this morning.

  • It is just so sophisticated it looks at the fact it is an air Force Base and bases travel time on fastest available aircraft stationed there. In real time.

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    Here the answer from Niantic.


    Thank you for reporting this issue.

    We’re writing to confirm that we have carefully reviewed your report and have taken action where appropriate. Note that not all outcomes may result in a ban. Based on our policy, we may warn a person, place restrictions on their account, or take other appropriate actions.

    For privacy reasons, we cannot discuss actions taken against other agents; therefore, you will not receive any additional updates on this report. If you need to report a new incident, please submit a new report from the Help Center:

    Thanks again for your help in keeping Ingress fun and fair.

  • This is the most blatant spoofing I've ever been impacted by and Niantic still does nothing. It's not often you get proof like this, with absolutely impossible travel times.. Yet it doesn't matter. Disheartening, Niantic.

  • And here I got soft banned on two occasions (yeah I was dumb enough to not pay attention a second time) two and half years ago whole traveling in Italy. First time was because Ingress decided that, as I walked into the coliseum in Rome I had teleported to Kyoto or Osaka Japan (I forget which one it was, only knew as some local chat loaded up) where I tried to hack a portal. Couldn't do anything. Got soft banned for the rest of the day.

    Second time was at a train station, Ingress thought I was at the airport in Stockholm, Sweden. Again, soft ban.

    Yet spoof accounts don't seem to have this problem.

  • i wonder if their cheats crash less than prime. 🤔😂

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    I have no idea why my last comment quoted two people or why I can't delete it. This forum is awful.

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