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Disbelief came with the new Nemesis video release when it turned out that someone claiming to be Hank 1218 was a member of Nemesis call Courier. Everyone is understandable shocked by this revelation and now those of us, who have been around long enough to know who he was, are having difficulty explaining why we are shocked.

The reason for this is that we don't have access to the very database that would allow us to explain our shock and dismay. PAC's investigate ingress blog. We are not requesting that you go back to using this blog. We don't wish for an update. What we are requesting is some way to add it to the list of research-able material. Especially now with this new development.

some added testimony

"in 1218, PAC released new posts on, however, after the transition to Osiris, it seems like the connection to the site became very unstable aka it went down. Maybe you know someone who can work some magic to bring it back up? It is an important archive for the investigation :wink:

I don't think we're asking for anything new to post there, just having the site up and running so we can reference things if needed" -@PiPrime

"I also want to revive, but I don't want to update the website, I want to revive as valuable database, Brian." - @RuinDig

" is very useful legacy for understanging the story line.

Now we cannot quote the posts of the stories before Osiris sequnece.

i only cannot inform who is Hank1218" - @jaicat

"At the very least, a downloadable archive of the text and images from that blog would be helpful. Even if we have to handle the work of turning it into something easily readable by a wider audience." -@SachielOne

"Having the website itself up as an archive would be incredibly valuable - especially for on again off again players. Folks who may have stepped away from lore while that site was active and want to pick it up again may have a hard time finding a link to the community forum. We don’t necessarily need the new info released there, but I also find the community forums to be more difficult to find any kind of chronological ordering of events. If you don’t already have some kind of external timeline, there is no existing source." - @feistyzag

Please find some way to make this happen.

@NianticBrian @NianticCasey @NianticBC


  • @NineBerry You are missing the point of this thread.

    Yes. The way back machine exists and I've used it, as has many other investigators. It's easy to throw up the way back machine and say "look here it is! No more problem."

    Well there is a problem. It is not easy to navigate. First you have to search for what you're looking for through Google, this usually gives you the g+ post. Then you have to go to the Essex subreddit, where Essex has archived every part made to the Essex g+ page and a few threat weren't. Then once you have the full url from the suggestion, you then have to go to the way back machine website. Paste the url into the search engine, then pray that it gives you the date close enough to achieve your search. But you end up tapping on the wrong calendar date because, well, it's the wrong date

    And all that happens if you can find what you are looking for during the initial search.

    So please spare me the, 'hey look problem solved it's the way back machine' post

  • More testimony

    Hi Brian thank you for your response and your time! We really appreciate the new forums as a place to get things bundled and as place to gather and discuss the story related things. And we also agree upon your thoughts to provide things out of a central or hub place to make it easier to follow the storyline, yet were g+ is 'gone' for the most of us.

    Brian the thing is, and as many other investigators here stated before, we've lost a bunch of data and informations related to 1218 and possibly also related to future events in the Prime universe.

    Everything seems to be connected and all what we hope is to have Pacs old Investigation board online again, to keep it as a source of knowledege - maybe like a counselor book if you like to say so.

    We - and i hope to speak for the most here in Essex in this case - would be really glad to see it reachable again, or at least merged into the new forums somehow. That would be just great and a kind turn!" - @Twentyfree

    "The issue is that we all got used to the format and layout of the site that when it went down, nothing else has really compared to it and it's ease of use.

    We were given no warning that it was going down and therefore no archive was made. The Essex G+ page was a different story, as we had prior notice and several sources worked on archiving that information so we have it in a few different forms to refer to.

    Some of us even stood up an Essex subreddit for continuing the investigation.

    The thing with the forum as it stands right now is that there's not a lot of substance to it at the moment.

    Given time though that will change" - @KoshTheRipper

  • I made this post a few months ago

    PLEASE bring us back the investigation ingress website. Or at least, package it up into a ZIP file and give it to operation Essex to do with as they choose. Almost two years of investigation are missing due to the website going down. Please consider this ! @Truthseeker

  • I saw the video and I was really confused by it. Was that really 1218 hank or could it be something else?

  • Alrighty then,

    @NianticBC @NianticBrian @NianticCasey @NianticAustin @RedSoloCup

    After watching the Osiris(he asked us to call him this) Hank transmission, we desperately need the old PAC data.Hank even suggested we research the Archetypes hidden there. We can't do this, cleanly, without the old blog. It was easily searchable. The wayback Machine, while usable, is still a roadblock

    And while I don't expect researching to be easy, I've been at this for 4 years now and the things I have found on my digs scare me, I would hope that if you are going to suggest that we look into PAC's old files that you would at least make them more accessible.

    Please help us. Please us find a way to bring this information to Prime. It would be greatly appreciated.

  • MoogModularMoogModular ✭✭✭✭✭

    I wish if the blog wasn't able to be brought back that it got the same treatment as a volume of notes. The information on the blog spanned from Obsidian to around Cassandra Prime.

  • MoogModularMoogModular ✭✭✭✭✭

    I did some digging and it looks like we have for some of the old Ingress blog entries.

    These entries go back to September 2017. I have email notifications back to January 2017 and seeing if I can at least upload the content to the Internet Archive.

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