[URGENT] ACTION REQUIRED: Niantic's Auto-Merge Ruined Agents Stats and Nominations

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TL;DR When Wayfarer was released, some Ingress Agents who had a Pokémon GO account had their OPR Stats sent to a separate account from their Nominations. Now, they can't log in.

Since OPR was retired and Wayfarer was introduced, many users have reported in the Wayfarer forum that their OPR Stats were lost and they had to retake the Training Test.

After some investigation from users, it appears that Stats are not actually lost. They were simply separated from the Nominations, as they were auto-merged with the Pokémon GO account.

What's wrong with this?

  1. First of all, now I have my Ingress account linked to two different Google Accounts, which causes a lot of trouble when logging in to Wayfarer, Intel and even this Community Forum.
  2. Secondly, I can't upgrade any nominations, because the account where my OPR Stats were merged to DOESN'T HAVE any nominations, and even if I submit new candidates, they don't appear there.
  3. Third, I also can't review any candidates on the Pokémon GO account, because it hasn't been launched in my country, even though my Nominations appear there.

But these details are unnecessary. The truth is: we don't want our accounts completely messed up. How can I have my Ingress account linked to two different Google Accounts?

This was an error with Niantic's auto-merge migration from OPR to Wayfarer. Can you please help?

Ingress Support refuses to answer the question and keeps replying with inappropriate templates after dozens of tries.

TECHNICAL DETAILS and MORE INFO available in this thread.

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