Question about official biocards and XMAcards

MegaSteeliXMegaSteeliX ✭✭✭
edited November 2019 in Ingress Insights

Why was there no new type of cards for nearly a whole year?

I know there are new (prime-styled) modcards and load-out cards, but it seems no XMA card and character biocards were found.

I also know that badages are sended auromatically now and not need to redeem a card-based code, but a card itself with no code is good enough for card collectors. That's why some agents(included me) bought the 12 character cards pack on the web SWAG shop, at about Feb. 2019.

Collecting agent self-made biocard is a unique kind of gameplay in ingress communities. Hope there will be more offical cards to find and collect.

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