Umbra Dresden Results falsification

Dear Niantic, it‘s now 3 weeks since you totally destroyed the Umbra Dresden experience for the participating agents by massively faking the results.

For those not involved, here is a short description of what has happened.

  1. Niantic decided to delete an active Link Target Portal mid-anomaly. Wow. Nice move. Not. Complaints about that were simply ignored within the official Slack channel, the only Comm way the POCs have with Nia. After the restore of the portal it then lacks the link target ornament for another major timeframe. And the keys that were spread between the agents which were also deleted with the removal of the portal just came back to inventory on Sunday! This is a pretty decent Desaster management too. Not!
  2. Niantic decided to not count the score of the ENL for the longest link challenge. First explanation was „unregistered Agent involved in linking“. ENL put some pressure behind the request for the ingame name of that mysterious agent with the help of multiple Vanguard Agents. Do a while later Nia changed the explanation from „unregistered Agent“ to „Link already down during measurement“. Which is funny as the link chain was still up after the Sunday Mission Day event. Not sure about the removed portal but the link chain was a score changer. With the linkchain counted the ENL would have captured the Dresden Umbra event which is currently counted towards a RES victory.

We are still waiting for an explanation in that, Niantic! It‘s neither unimportant nor forgotten! WHY DO YOU FAKE ANOMALY SCORES?


  • But why should Niantic fake results?

    I agree, anomaly results are everything else than transparent, but wat is the point in faking results? Who does profit of this? I kind of see this as an conspiracy theory.

    And I miss a proof of point 2 :)

  • Yes Dave, the WHY is a really good question. We already asked that too. But no response as usual.

    And about the proof for the 2nd, just ask your local operator guys. They surely have the data too. 🙃

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