[Intel] UX: Provide an Activity channel that doesn't contain all alerts and chat.

When looking at an area that is far away from regular activity, we often have to go back most of the available month to look at activity on a portal. When was an out of the way portal captured etc. The log only goes back a month so we're limited beyond that, but attempting to scroll back that month, for an active player is almost impossible.

On any given day, I may get somewhere between 50 and 200 attack notifications. More if someone is particularly active, or I've been particularly active that week. Given that in order to find activity entries for a given map window I have to sort through all those attacks and work out where the real actions are, when it's an area with almost nothing, it becomes even harder to spot the needle in the haystack.

Five years ago, John Hanke acknowledged this was a problem and we still haven't seen any solution. The Prime client has this capability now, but only centered around your own location. You can't look at a remote location then view the log for that area. All the *same alerts* are available on the Alerts tab.

When are we going to see an Intel map that separates activity in the map window, from Alerts?

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