Mission Day at Sea

All right, Truthseekers, I've been authorized to share this message from the NIA, about the upcoming Mission Day at Sea:


Agents: As part of the NIA’s September Field Test operation, we asked you to collect many Prime Artifacts. Copies of 10 different Prime Artifacts, from different worlds in the Multiverse, were appearing in the Portals, and we needed you to collect as many as you could, to keep them out of the hands of Nemesis. Most of the Artifacts we were at least marginally familiar with, but one in particular was completely new to us: The Undine Silica.

Many of you may have heard that the NIA is running a Mission Day at Sea early in November. Well, we are now prepared to reveal the purpose of that operation. We received a partial text transmission from Osiris-Node Hank Johnson, the one that is currently trapped in the Anomalous Bubble. Here is what we received of Hank's message:


“Agents, Hank here. The more I look into it, the more I think the plans of Nemesis are tied up with a Prime Artifact called the Undine Silica. It’s a little premature for me to speculate on the true nature of the Silica, but if I’m right… Well, more on that later.

It seems like activating the Undine Silica is not as intuitive as other Prime Artifacts. But according to some ancient texts I’ve uncovered, someone, centuries ago, created a diagram of how to use it. Kind of like an ancient instruction manual. Then they broke the diagram into 8 pieces and seeded each piece into a different Portal in or around the Caribbean Sea.

I hate sitting here on my hands, but you know I’m not in a position right now to collect these diagram fragments myself, so I have to ask you all for help once again. If you can locate and combine the fragments of the diagram, we might be able to figure out a way to use the Silica against Nemesis. Or, at least, figure out what Nemesis is planning to do with it, so we can stop them.

As usual, while most of my fellow researchers are looking forward into the future, I’m busy looking backwards. In this particular case, two things have bubbled to the surface: Alexander the Great, and the Lost City of Atlantis. I believe that--”


Thanks to this intel from Hank, the NIA has identified 8 Missions spanning four ports in the Caribbean Sea. We believe completing these Missions will lead to the discovery of the fragments of the Undine Silica diagram.

The NIA continues to oppose Nemesis, and as such our interests currently align with those of the Researchers in the Anomalous Bubble. Agents, if you are participating in Mission Day at Sea, your charge is simple: Complete these 8 Missions, collect the fragments of the diagram, and figure out a way to reassemble them. Only then may the true secrets of the Undine Silica be revealed.

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  • Good luck agents ! We are rooting for you from Operation Essex!

  • Interesting, but how can we track them? I guess we need to help them to combine "diagrams."

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