6 Months of the Ingress Forum

Greetings Agents, 

Can you believe that it’s already been more than 6 months since the initial launch of the Ingress Community?! During that time, there have been more than 40,000 comments across more than 6,000 discussions. To the more than 25,000 of you who have joined us here, thanks for your lively conversations! 

In the spirit of continuing to iterate and improve your experience, we wanted to provide an update on what we’ve already done and what we’re currently working on. As always, these suggestions come directly from your input, so please keep it coming!

Features Currently in Development

  • Moderation and Filters: One of the top pieces of feedback that we continue to see is that our filters are too strict. While we can’t share our list of moderated words and we can’t remove the moderation filter, we’re working on relaxing the list even further to reduce the number of posts that require review.
  • Game information: We know that importing in-game details like your Faction and Level into the Community was something that we promised before, and it’s still high on our list of feature improvements for the Community. We’re hoping that this will arrive in early 2020.

Recent Changes and Updates

  • Images: We’ve lowered the bar to move from Level 1 to 2 in the Community and now you only have to be a member for 7 days before you’re able to post images.
  • Edits: To better empower you to post high-quality content, we’ve increased the window for edits to 24 hours following your initial post. 
  • Reporting Bad Behavior: Due to ongoing misuse of the Abuse and Spam flags, we’ve decided to retire those reactions. You can still report inappropriate behavior to us directly by clicking Flag > Report. We’ve also introduced a new reaction, Disagree, for when you want to express disagreement with a discussion or a comment.

Again, thanks so much for your active participation in the community and for being such valued members of the Ingress family. We’ll be sending out a survey to get more suggestions from you directly, so keep an eye open for that to arrive via email. In the meantime, please continue to share your feedback and requests with us so we can continue to improve this platform to suit your needs.

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