100 layers at 100 hours to celebrate 100 cycle wins

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Date Time - 10-26-19 @ 4pm CST

Number of Field Layers: 107

MU count at first CP: 2.1 Million

MU Count Maximum for a Single CP: 4.2 Million

Standing time: 27 Checkpoints - still counting

Total MU to Cell Score Over Standing Time (as of 2019.42.11) 78,771,045 mu - still counting


The basic operation was a celebration for winning 100 cycles in a row in our cell AM02-JULIET-09.  The Resistance won every cycle from 2017.41 through 2019.40 outscoring the Enl by 10 to 1 in that 2 year period.  We wanted to celebrate, so we decided to throw one layer over the cell for each cycle we won. Plans started about 6 months before the last cycle with a couple of draws that just would not work due to the time required to throw 100 layers.  Finally we hit on the idea to design the op "upside down". Instead of throwing from a number of portals down a spine we threw the majority of the layers from 5 baseline anchor portals to targets up the spine. The plan was to throw 20+ links from each portal by using SoftBank Ultra Links (SBULs).  We enlisted the help of our fellow Smurfs in the cell north of us (AM02-JULIET-09) who wanted to also join in and throw about 20 of their own fields over the top of our 100.

The task of gathering keys started and took more than 2 weeks since the spine was 100+ miles long.  The design called for 2 keys on each target and we farmed 4 just in case we would have an issue and have to rethrow something.  Little did we know! We also farmed 20+ keys for the outside baseline portals for the AM02-JULIET-09 smurfs to throw their layers back down into our cell.  A date was chosen and we started looking for boots and throwers. The timing was not good for many of our cell resistance players but luckily we did not need many agents.  When the time came we had 2 throwers for the south, 2 throwers for the north and 3 boots to clear and protect. There were some doubts if we could pull off 100 layers with just 4 throwers - but we continued on.  As the op approached we delivered keys and did a little clearing. The bad thing about the design was that the cell was VERY open until the op. We planned for a number of our portals to decay right up to throw time.  We had a few decay portals that were charged by smurfs out of the loop. Thankfully we were able to call in a papa smurf Ochsey who came out of retirement and flipped a few portals. The night of the op another smurf threw a couple of links within the confines of our blockers and Dewey J had to make a midnight run to clear those blocks. 

Daybreak came and we all held our breath hoping the op area would stay clear for the 3pm throw time.  As throw time approached our impromptu operator Chambanashooter started calling out last minute tasks and counting down to throw time.  Our boots Jazztrpt, Rural06 and Dark Entropy had been clearing links and killing the few remaining portals. At throw time two agents Dewey J and AlfAteCats lit portals, threw on a couple of SBULs and started throwing links for sets 1 and 2.  92 links and 46 layers went up in about 7 minutes after we got the first link established. There was a little travel time and we went to portals for sets 3 and 4. As Alf traveled Dewey J lit up the set 3 portal and started for the set 4 portal.  "Where the he#% is this portal at?” Dewey was looking on the map, looking in the scanner and out the car window and could not see a sign of the portal! The portal - a fire station, was there a week before when we farmed keys for the baseline. We were positive because agent Logicole who was helping farm keys mistakenly fracked the fire station and got 40 keys to it!  We looked and looked and came to the conclusion that the portal was very recently removed. After a short discussion we agreed to just move on to the last anchor, throw the baseline and continue on.


The missing anchor put our goal of 100 layers in jeopardy.  Agents Dewey J and Alf Ate Cats finished throwing the planned layers from set 5 anchor as the northern Smurfs, Cammy B and Chambanashooter started their march north on the more conventional portion of the op throwing 17 layers over the top of what the southern Smurfs threw.  At CP we were short of our 100 layer goal and sitting on 94 fields - So DARN CLOSE! As the northern Smurfs were throwing their layers the southern Smurfs were talking about a way to recover the fields lost from the missing anchor portal. Finally agent Rural06 pointed out the obvious - “You have the keys from the portals you were going to throw in set 4.  Add a second SBUL to the anchor portal for set 5 and throw as many of the furthest away portals you can. Since your throw portals are not completely under a field you can throw back under the field as much as you want.”


Dewey J and Alf Ate Cats put on the final SBUL and started to throw at the same time the northern Smurfs were finishing up.  The layer count grew and hit 100 - then 105 and we found 2 more layers to end with a layer count of 107. When it was all done we noticed one other thing - we threw this op at checkpoint #20 after the 100 cycle win.  That means we threw the op in the 100th hour after winning 100 cycles. How is that for timing? 100 layers for 100 cycles at 100 hours. Couldn’t have been better if we planned it that way.


The agents ended the day with a few personal high points.  Alf ate cats threw 2,165,492 mu in the op. Dewey J hit level 15 early in the op.  And it appears that we broke our frogs - for now. We flipped one of the anchor portals just to clear an area to have a first Saturday in Champaign.  We will update the numbers and activities until this op finally ends. PS - we are not charging most of the portals so it will eventually decay. I really do think we broke our frogs.


Roll Call

Dewey J - OP Planner and thrower

Chambanashooter - OP Planner - IO - Thrower

Alf Ate Cats - Reluctant thrower but all around great guy

Cammy B - Thrower and indispensable 

Rural 06 - Boots and the savior of the op

Dark Entropy - Boots and the agent doing all the work behind the scenes

Jazztrpt - Boots on the ground taking out micro links in CU

Ochsy - Out of retirement to clear those out of the way blockers

Logicole - OP consultant and wanna be boots but could not make it - pivotal in making 100 cycle win 

Mikearvi - wanna be boots but could not make it - pivotal in making 100 cycle win


We would also like to thank the numerous Res agents that helped us reach the BIG goal - 2 years of winning in AM02-JULIET-09 - 100+ cycles and still counting!

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  • The fact that the local ENL refuse to take it down really says something about the quality of this field, I think.

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