Another Enemy Mine Update?



  • This is a long shot, but the second set of numbers in that final shot posted by QaGuy add up to 31. Granted the first set doesn't add up to 13 but is it possible that that set could be in anyway related to the 1331 for simulacrum?

  • This is a long shot, but the second set of numbers in that final shot posted by QaGuy adds up to 31. Granted the first set doesn't add up to 13 but is it possible that that set could be in any way related to the 1331 for the simulacrum?

  • This is a long shot, but the second set of numbers in that final shot posted by QaGuy add up to 31. Granted the first set doesn't add up to 13 but is it possible that that set could be in anyway related to the 1331 for the simulacrum?

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    Sorry for the multiple posts. This kept appearing as a draft to me and so I hadn't thought I posted it. And I can't seem to delete them. Lesson learned. Won't do it again

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  • It is Caesar coded message.


    Caesar code, shift 13

    It is


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    Aha. Well it was a bit of a bummer it was only a code and not really linked to storylines but thanks!

    edit: is it saying ‘invalid’ for anyone else? Not Fully Redeemed?

  • Yes, it is not a pass code.

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    Ok at least I’m not alone in that regard. This is a reach but it could be a password on Janus Laboratorium Tessellation. Guess we’ll have to waist and see when the tessera are placed (hopefully) next week.

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    what is next? :)

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  • BTW I didn't know about

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    May I ask where you got those from?

  • 'explore' is from previous media FR pass

    'phillips' from the code on the first screenshot to the last media.

    And 'greanias' is from the second screenshot.

    Codes are not redeemable but they have some sense. What if the order of codes matter?

    "they" want us to 'explore .... phillips ... greanias'

    Most likely it is red herring...

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    Maybe, but I just found some intel that suggests otherwise. According to there are two people who match the codes. Jay Phillips, researcher, and Thomas Greanias who is a real-life authors who wrote a book on XM.

    And it looks like the book i mentioned was created with help from Hank.

  • I saw an ad for one of his books that was free through Amazon. Maybe his xm book is available too.

  • Confirmed.

  • Wow, I might have found a new favorite author.

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    Cool! How’s the story? Also, any insight into all this?

  • The story is interesting enough it seems. It starts with Hank meeting up with a contact named Conrad Years at a tavern on Cape Verde in Africa. They discuss details about clues they've found that might lead them to Solomon's Mines or the resting place of the Queen of Sheeba. Conrad seems to be in it for the archaeology and he believes Hank to be in it for the money. The chapter ends with Hank blowing up a old battleship that was refurbished into a sailing university but that he believes to be a front for a covert army.

    BTW I was not aware that Hank was a former soldier.

    I just got all that from the sample. But the book itself is less thank 3 bucks for a kindle so I threw caution to the wind and got it. What I found most interesting was that at the end of the chapter there are links to elements mentioned in the chapter, but are connected to a Niantic website dating back to 2013. Here's a link to one of them it's a opening to a Discovert Channel show that Hank tried to start up, which was mentioned in the chapter.

    I'm fairly new to this game so all this extra information is pretty cool. But have you guys seen any of this?

    Also, is this getting too off topic or should we open another thread for it?

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    Now I want to read it, but I don't have a Kindle lol. But like you said, we might just be chasing a white rabbit down the wrong hole. I would like to open a different thread or even a separate meeting arena, like a Discord server. I was wondering if the Essex group is looking for more people to join, as they seem to be investigating this too, but I don't know what medium they use and if more people would even be able to join.

  • I believe that if you download the kindle app you could read it on your smart phone via that.

    I'm all for a new thread, Discord chat or whatever works. Just let me know where to go.

    Back to the stuff brought up earlier. So we've figured out the words, anyone made any headway on those strings of numbers ( the ones not part of the letter sequences

  • I’m in for this research as well, heading to the next MD in the United States...

    Stay vigilant, stay aware.

    @Truthseeker will you be there?

  • Thanks for the link QaGuy

    Oh! Just came across this is the book

    It is an email to an agent Samuel Rosier as a directive to keep an eye out for Hank while he shoots his tv show. It was sent by none other than a one Jay PHILLIPS who, at least in 2013 was not just a researcher but the Director of security for the Niantic Project.

    In light of the fact that he was mentioned in the code on the "Courier" video I thought this might be worth noting.

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    Very interesting. The book would be The Alignment Ingress.

    I guess looking back to go forward has been a part of this - the research lab information was originally told in Beyond Level 8

  • Yea, it's kind of an interesting book. I'm not entirely sure what we're supposed to be looking for but I try to post some of the more interesting stuff here just in case someone can use it to figure something out.

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    The Realignment came out 5 years ago so I would say hearing about it is a trip back in memory lane and enjoy hearing the information from the past.

  • @Truthseeker the latest leak is interesting. Courier does an Audible, Helvetika's reveal was an accident, and the tethered hand is being cagey.

    But there were a few things about the document that caught my attention. it talked about solving an equation before the researchers did, and how The Tethered Hand was acting like the Undine. balancing things.

    As to the equation, we need more info. About the Undine, we definitely need more info. Who are they? What are they? Why have they stayed quiet for so long?

    And finally, a theory. could the Tessalation board be similar to The Fates Tapestry and the Tethered Hand one of the Fates?

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