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Hi Niantic, hi fellow agents,

I see the problem that Ingress should create a steady income to be profitable. And as I have started playing with Ingress Prime, I was blown away by the beautiful but totally unnecessary animations. This was a thing with Redacted as well, but I am now at a point where I seek that option to toggle the animations off because it distracts too much from what is going on. And I would be more than happy when I would be able to switch them off, even with a monthly subscription fee. Everything else may stay as is (in game store).

What do you think?

Best regards,

Agent 2erXre5



  • That's an interesting idea, monetizing without directly affecting resource availability.

    But I will be that guy and repeat the Stannis Baratheon quote: "Fewer." I'm sorry.

  • Skipping animation speeds up the game for that player, meaning that they have an advantage over others who don't pay to skip animation. There will be pitchforks if it is a paid (or subscription) option.

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    I was thinking the same thing @theimmc was thinking. Paying to disable animations is pay-to-win for head-to-head situations like anomalies. Agents who attend Anomalies will feel pressured to spend even more than they do now. Bad idea.

  • Skipping animation must not lead to an advantage. Just switching them off is what I meant. I agree totally with you, otherwise I would never support such a feature!

  • I would like the superfluous animations gone even if only to speed loading time, smooth game play, and conserve battery usage. A 'simple' option should exist - if it speeds game play, that's a side effect. in an anomaly, people would likely enjoy such a feature for sure! It may lead to fewer missed screen presses, quicker response times etc...

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