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What is Niantic’s policy on black face? I have submitted this portal multiple times for removal.

First, it’s racist. Second, the owners have removed it. Third, it’s racist.



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    Man I haven't seen a lawn jockey in forever. What kind of monument is that? I would only expect to see that on prp.

  • That is basically a racists' yard decoration. So many reasons why that is a bad portal.

  • Yikes!

    Good luck on portal removal. I haven't seen anything that racist in OPR.

    Actually, I also haven't ever seen a portal removal in OPR, or a notification that one of my suggested removals got done.

    I remember a certain private single residence with a portal. In the photo, you could see a mailbox, with a kids mask and some old fence trash...

    The portal was labeled "steampunk optimus prime"

    One year and ten removal requests did nothing. For all I know, it's still there.

  • Ugh. 🤢🤮

  • Agreed, this is a bad portal. If it’s on private property too, it never should have made it. Hope it gets removed!

  • @tomogram have you submitted this on the portal appeals page?

  • I have. I have also submitted it multiple times to niantic starting in 2017.

  • @tomogram I tried finding the portal appeal post, but it's not turning up in search.

  • I submitted last night but it’s being reviewed first.

  • It just blows my mind that I or any agent needs to jump through so many hoops to submit a racist portal.

  • Why would that be approved in the first place?!

  • Why it would be approved goes back to the Seer badge and a time before OPR.

    Lawn jockeys are hugely racist and social media gets attention for that.

    However. Under current criteria the portal never would have gone live, being in private property and (thankfully) physically removed from premise, in addition to being a lawn ornament in the first place (hello, we don't approve garden gnomes.)

    Now. If we're considering removing racist portals, we need to start with the Civil War Monuments erected during the civil rights movement.

  • Temporary items or private property aren't allowed as portals. No lawn ornaments for example. If you want it gone because you find it in bad taste, ask Niantic to update a rule on that.

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