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We would like to know why the Anomalies never happen in Ukraine - ever since Magnus in Kyiv'13, which had no medal award.

Our Agents are very active and love Ingress with all their heart, but many do not have the possibilities to travel abroad to participate in the events out there. 

We have terrific organizers in both factions and very experienced Intel operators. Both factions have pulled off numerous BAFs and gorgeous field arts which received a fair share of attention in the reports. 

We have organized 8 MD in Ukraine already and every one of them was a big success. 

We tried our best to make Niantic notice us and let us hold an Anomaly event, yet to no avail (except for Connected Cell).

We have a burning question: why the Anomalies are avoiding our country all these years? 

What steps should we take, both factions, to have some Anomaly hosted in our cities? 

Just take Lviv, an old and beautiful city near the western border of Ukraine :)

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    Transport links would be one of the most important factors.

    Visited Pryp'yat'/Chernobyl last year (planning to visit again). Only flights from UK were from London and not that cheap even then. Would love to visit again and have a proper tour of the city. A very long weekend. what I saw of Kyiv was very limted. Lots of long buses and old trams. But plenty of amazing buildings for the time I was there.

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    All Ukrainian community waits for anomalies in our country!


    you at least have missiondays, in slovakia we had last missionday/anomaly in may 2015

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  • Ukraine has some entry restrictions for Agents from nearest countries and regions. It would make XM Anomaly there politically charged and unequal for different Agents.

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    Nope, just for people from the one specific territory. Even Russian people have no issues traveling here for MD because local Ingress community provides all the support required.

    I don't like that political smell but traveling into Russia for Ukrainian agents may lead to problems more serious than just being unable to attend the event...

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