FS Bundle Refund

Venting because Support are making my pull my eyes out.

I was at an FS in October, (Bradford, UK) and I run of out of Resonators about half way through, so I bought the bundle, it consisted of 120 R1s and 10 Common Heat Sinks for about £5.00 (GBP) worth of CMU.

literally minutes after I bought this, the servers went down, something acknowledged by NIA in a number of places.

I wrote in on the day of the event, and I was told that my enquiry would be elevated and I would hear back soon.

After not hearing back for a few days, I wrote in again but with no response whatsoever. Remy won’t even pop up. A few days later, I wrote in again - no response. This is through the web chat, rather than in-app.

Meanwhile, I’ve had to keep these items in my inventory. 130 spaces, while I’m trying to grind for L16 before the yearly badgers come out, and as I don’t cheat, that’s 130 lots dead space in my inventory.

Several time of contacting support and receiving no response whatsoever .

Fastforwarding to today, I’ve just had another response from the original person from support who has just told me to be patient.

All I’m after is my CMU back, so I have the choice whether I want to purchase another bundle during the next event, and some kind of compensation for the blunders of support and me having my inventory restricted for a month.

A few Jarvis Viruses would be appreciated 😊🤣.

Has anyone else had something similar?

Would anyone from NIA like to do the right thing by me?


  • KarM3LKarM3L ✭✭✭✭

    Why not just use the gear to assist you leveling up, Afterall it's all ap

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