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Title of the portal: Militia at Victors Square

City: ploshchad' Pobedy, 2, Saint Petersburg, Russia, 196621

Country: Russia

Screenshot of the Approved and Implemented Email:

Hello, I received emails, where title/description/ location were approved and implemented, but still old ones are visible in Prime and Intel map.

My proposed title:


My proposed description:

Скульптурная группа "Ополченцы". Входит в мемориальный комплекс "Монумент героическим защитникам Ленинграда". Скульптор - М. К. Аникушин.

My proposed location:

59.842597, 30.322359


  • Title and description are now ok, thank you. What about location?

  • Appeal Accepted - Thanks for the appeal, Agent. Based on the evidence provided, we’ve updated the title, description and location of the Portal.

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