Removal Appeal - Colonne Morris

  • Category: Removal Appeal
  • Title of the Portal: Colonne Morris
  • Location: 48.825934,2.326064
  • City: Paris, 75014
  • Country: France
  • Photos to support your claim:

Portal was temporary removed for street works.

Nota: Please change

Former picture of the portal.

View of the area around the location of the Colonne Morris during the street works. October 17th 2019

Restitution of the Colonne Morris after the street works. October 23rd 2019

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  • NianticKNNianticKN mod
    Accepted Answer

    Appeal Accepted- Thanks for the appeal, Agent. After reviewing the additional evidence provided, we’ve decided to restore the Portal in question.


  • This object is dedicated advertise only locals cultural events.

  • DT666DT666 ✭✭
    edited October 2019

    No it’s not the same object. Please resubmit a new portal.

    look at the top of your object screen.

    it is also a mass produced object for publicity.

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  • FronsacFronsac ✭✭
    edited November 2019

    Your article is not relevant,

    This kind of column is ONLY for the city of Paris. The one's mentionned in your articles are just pale copies.

    Also as a gentle reminder this portal is valid for NIantic.

    Here is an article about the history of this kind of column :

    Here another one

    JC Decaux bought La Société Fermière des Colonnes Morris in 1986 and continue the legacy of the printer Gabriel Morris who start building them in 1868. As I mentionned in a previous post, theses columns are made exclusively to advertise cultural shows (plays, concerts theatre, operas etc), If a wood panel with information about a community is legit how this can not be?

    You can not compare it to a bin, bench or a random billboard. It's a piece of Parisian history .

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  • DT666DT666 ✭✭
    edited November 2019

    As you wrote, the one on the oxilium picture is a new 2019 pale copy.

    The real, historical one, doesn’t exist any more...

    i understand also that you compare them to bin in your post.

  • FronsacFronsac ✭✭
    edited November 2019

    So what is your argument here?

    So picture may differ a bit from the current column but what's mean is the functionality and location not the design in this case.

    Too bad Google + does not work anymore but there were a similar case where a rail station clock was ongoing refurbishement and happen to be deleted. I manage to get the portal back, but you know what the clock is a little bit different from the old one so what count is the functionality. A new picture can always be added anyway.

    The column is not mass produced because it is limited to Paris with specific design and requirements.

    Apparently you do not understand the bin reference, if a bin is legit then this column is ultra legit. A bin is by far more produced than this column. A bin has even less history than a Morris column. A bin does not advertise cultural event to the local community.

    You can compare a column with London's red phone boxes, a few left but still are iconics. Same case here.

    In addition it's not a copy as the current company that made them has inherit the original one who had made since 1868 with all patents and original design.

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  • @NianticMP @NianticKN could you provide an answer for this appeal? Do you need more information? Thanks in advance

  • Accepted Answer

    Appeal Accepted- Thanks for the appeal, Agent. After reviewing the additional evidence provided, we’ve decided to restore the Portal in question.

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