UX parity: Inventory index hold between categories and capsules


I didn't understand why, but I get more and more borred with the Prime inventory, in comparision to Redacted, functionally speeking:

When managing a key locker, or any kind of item in capsules, we used to be able to go strait to that item in the inventory by switching the category.

Now, there are too many useless categories and when you swipe the category bar, which is very unprecise, you fall always on the same first item, and you may loose precious time in gameplay experience.

Again, when you switched from categories, you used to keep on the same item, when coming back.

Of course key and other items are now in 2 separated inventories, and they keep their own index, but this is no more the case for capsules and this is truly missing.

Another colatelal of this is there is no more direct button to access keys.

When keys were the previous selected category, we used to access them strait from the inventory button, but now we have to press systematicaly 2 buttons to get the same result.

There is also a missing inventory button in the portal view window. As an example, if you want to unload a shield or other kind of mod from a capsule, while upgrading a portal, you loose now lot of time in comparision to Redacted.

A mitigation of all this could be a dedicated enventory for capsules, and a long press shortcut on main window to both capsules and keys inventories.

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