Ingress is ruined


Several Agents have stopped playing for the actions of the spoofs in Ecuador, it is a pity that such a beautiful game is ruined by a group of misfits who only play spoofs and destroy what we have built with so much effort, I stop playing when redacted removal, since PRIME is unplayable, has many errors, is very heavy and slow, has many bugs and the battery eats it fast, it was nice with redacted now it is no longer fun, it is frustrating and stressful, it was good while hard and The spoofers finished ruining the game. since that has no arrangement, Good Bye Niantic. Thanks for all the good times, no more bad times.


  • I confirm the same situation in some cities of Ukraine, where many people quit playing because of spoofers.

  • Not like I want to defend Niantic, but I've noticed some "new" actions" that directly affect cheaters and I would wait a bit more before just leaving.

    Just my feeling ;)

  • Qu4rdQu4rd ✭✭✭

    Don't leave :(

    I went into hiatus because I did try Prime and I didn't like it. But people think I quit. One poor soul even revealed in a public group they had bets on me coming back to Ingress!

    Honoured....I guess, but in the same time I am genuinely sorry for those who wished I quit for good. Prime is more like a "meh" to me still, but I have faith that someday, someone will listen fairly to the squeaky voices of ours and do something to make it better.

    There must be at least some of them in NIA who feels that.

  • VSSXVSSX ✭✭✭

    Thanks for your words and attention, but the problem is whatever efford you Made in my cell is destroyed by a bunch of spoofers, soo its not fair, like I am one of the cycling Team and when I go to a place, there no one, a spoofer comes, like for me is a sport, but its not fun anymore, its the Report game, we Made 3 or 4 reports a day, and more spoofers come, and Niantic dont do anything, if they can's stop spoofers, the game its ruined, its a laberint without éxit, maybe in another countries have more culture of fair game, but not here in Ecuador.

  • Qu4rdQu4rd ✭✭✭

    I understand. I still hope you won't leave Ingress totally. It feels frustrating, I know. I even had templates for report as it is quite a lot back then. But hey, it's not my problems anymore now.

    Done my part for the community and it's time to move on, and I just want to have whatever fun I have left with it. Looking up from my scanner more and more now, and the views are always beautiful no matter where I am.


  • My husband and I use to play all the time. Where ever we went we always wanted to play...get those uniques. Even went to about 8 anomalies. We stopped playing due to Prime. While the original had its own share of issues, it was clear and easy to move around in. It was also quicker to respond to actions. Now, not so much. Whoever designed Prime must either hate the game or never played. It looks great, but is not functional.

    Level 15 forever.

  • The auto closing of spoofer reports is getting old. The same spoofer has killed Lansing/Detroit area farms repeatedly with perhaps hundreds of reports. The spoofer is killing Lansing as I type this. Eyes on the ground verification, too.

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