Removal appeal

Appealing the removal of Ice Cream Cone portal that was just approved this week and reported as invalid by the opposing faction for personal reasons and not for gameplay.

name: ice cream

location: 43.008934 -78.874990

city: Tonawanda, New York

country: United States

Portal was approved but malicious opposing faction members have seen fit to report a valid portal because of the proximity of two ingress player’s homes to it, and a dozen Pokémon players as well.

There are a hundred vintage plaques as portals in this area alone. These plaques are large, accessible, not located in or on residential property and have been on the building for more than 30 years (their age making them vintage)

Portal removal should not be contingent on the opposing faction’s disgruntled opinions or vengeful ideologies with players they don’t personally like.

Please reinstate

thank you



  • The ice cream cone is a sign for Upstate Dairy Ice Cream that is worn out from being on the side of a business that has been closed for 20 years. It's not art, it's not unique, and it's not portal worthy.

  • Ah, buttons. Always a pleasure to have such support from my team.

    A building being a business has no bearing on a portal’s viability.

    The age of the plaque only adds to its interest as does its location.

    Again, this is just a case of one faction being butthurt, and their friends joining the case.

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    Let’s play the “not art, not unique, not portal worthy” game!

    The former DuPont plant bought by a Sumitoma; not art, not unique and barely accessible. Just happens to be a res players work.

    Love this! Completely violates Niantic’s EMS policy as it sits right in front of the fire truck bays! Can’t wait for the pokeplayers to block the trucks!!


    lets keep going

    A bizarre lone sign advertising empty space!

    Art? Unique? Portal worthy? There’s 4 acres of weeds associated with that sign! Whoooa! What a point of interest!

  • You are making a very strong argument for why a sign on the side of a business that has been closed for 20 years is actually a plaque and local art and should be reinstated as a portal. Please continue.

  • TheFarixTheFarix ✭✭✭✭✭

    Wait, when could Pokemon Go players submit waypoints in the US?

  • When a country get's the ability to submit, all S10's that are partially in that country get included, so border regions (like the Buffalo area) now can.

  • Again, business operation has zero to do with portal viability. There are 1000 signs locally that are not businesses. Please stop trying to use that as a rebuttal. It’s weak and only serves to make Jim Jones proud.

    like it or not, regardless of who or what it formally advertised, it has met the criteria twice now and local players who just simply want to **** me have reported it as faulty. It’s petty and shows the true colors of these players.

    Why work so hard to remove this twice and retire the location? Out of spite and pettiness and the shear will to show who has the niantic power in this area. It’s so beyond dumb. There’s really nothing more to your lives than bullying game players? Should everyone you don't know at all but have decided you don’t like based on the lies of one other player quit the game?

    Did anyone here move passed 5th grade into adulthood?

  • And again we have failed to act as a community or work in a civilized and productive manner. I think the case has been made on both sides, is it time for the thread to be locked?

  • Gurl - shut up. Your **** couch portal got denied.

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  • Guess someone doesn't get the idea of garbage portal is a garbage portal

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    Wow Jujubean. I’m the only thread you comment on. Do you have a crush on me? Aw. That’s so sweet. 😘

    I like how ladylightning is sharing screen shots with all of you. It’s so cute. I feel bad I could never reciprocate her feeling toward me. I’m just not into chicks.

    But please, I love the flattery and attention I’m getting ☺️☺️☺️

  • I’ll keep submitting, and give all of you obsessed, trust fund baby, nothing better to do than this, players something to occupy your time with. After all, I like knowing I’ve helped in some way and if that way is just making you feel like you have value and worth in this world because you can remove a portal from a game, then by golly, it’s what I’ll do!


  • I'Ll KeEp SuBmItTiNg FoR tHe FaNs I HaVe - WhIle SiMuLtANiOuSly CaLl YoU aLl Crazy.

  • stumbled into a regular ole rust belt portalpalooza right hyah

    n jus wanted to be clear; yeah, I past the fifth grade, so I guess I moved passed it!... wait.. wut? @[email protected]

    (people in glass houses shouldn't like, sink ships or whatever)

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    @NianticCasey this agent is boasting about using the submission system to **** and insult another agent. On OFFICIAL NIANTIC FORUMS. Can something be done about this?

  • Welcome to Upstate NY. Lmao.

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