3 villages (Poland)

The action of "3 Villages" or Lodz, Krakow, Warsaw, under the blue sky.The idea for this action was born a year ago, after preliminary talks, the route and anchory were established.

Special thanks to @MagikTM , @muczacz , @n0ut , @Ruskyagient.

Date selected: 26-10-2019 CP 22:00.

After small perturbations with green multi-riders, we managed to fasten the first layer.

Target first 40 layers in CP. But a 15 minute delay didn't bode well. 

However, our agents on anchory gave their best and managed 40 layers fell into CP at 22:00.

10 consecutive layers after 22, also satisfying because all shooters stuck black Onyx.

A small summary: 50 layers, over 250,000,000 Mu, 5 black Onyxes. 90 agents

Intel Help: @gadobert, @Ibiquer ,@Dracon1980, @Nornick , @Namari

Field Teams:

Łódź: @bartoszgracz , @chrustek, @BRSonic, @Ignacja95, @Dowgird, @szaLooniak , @Andziolek , @Arkosky, @BetiTM, @yestlic, @MagikTM .

Krakow: @Tatanek, @Enderand, @panfolek , @Amade90 , @danaskalisha , @fst0 , @czarnuszek , @wienio85, @AddictedToCoca, @elmernet , @Achtick, @Askeck, @Coniunctivus, @K041, @Piglet , @DarkMesiash, @Groonaldi , @muczacz , @adux22, @Makadi88, @LysyWonsz (pounded onyx), @szywia (pounded onyx), @bartas121, @errno666 , @Tuptam , @Ibiquer

Honorable mention (they did not participate, but they helped in another way):@Kapsel, @FACETO , @DoversCK, @ Bobson850

Bydgoszcz: @annusza, @Ant3n4 @B1ackQ , @Behemius, @Dracon1980 , @Drincoolo, @Frodo53 , @jakubek08, @jokaj, @Kalaitka , @karomich , @Lockix8 , @MarysiaBe, @n0ut , @reeniis, @RegularGnoll, @Sidkus, @VermBlack, @vlnc , @z3fear , @zybex11

Warsaw: @07sliski, @AsNadLu, @ Bodek33, @Borsunio, @Epsilon20 , @MaciejOfMayhem, @McXander, @MrJedrula , @Nornick , @Namari @pstscrptm , @Rymi, @Scp173astronau

Białystok: @Ruskyagient, @Anteszyt @Szubrawski everyone got onyx illuminator :), @Niedario - crosy,

@adax81, @konix1 thanks to them a year ago the keys to the gugny tower appeared and they kept the portal in their care.

Radom: @Jajek77, @Afrodyta81, @Saymonson2, @Atena76, @Babujnik , @allyouneedisrum , @BeAfraidOfBlue

Viva Resistance !!!


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