Manipulation of the system

So apparently this situation was discovered recently and made people wanted to do the same.

One can see clearly that the 20m rule is not being obeyd so how do they manage that? Agents are asking for editions trying to manipulate Niantic system! Basically what they do is :

  1. Move portals to one same location
  2. Choose 2 ou more cells 17 where there is more than one portal in each cell! Well, we all know only one portal is going to be a pokestop! They then ask an edition of the location to move the one that is already pokestop to the next cell and when it occurs, the remaining portal turns into a new pokestop since it is alone in a 17 cell.
  3. Ask to move portals so the 17 cell can be blank and do another submission to become a new pokestop

Although I play Pokemon Go I don’t agree with that and there is no way of reporting these portals. Even if one edits the location to the right place back, that won’t change the fact that they already accomplish their goals since Nia don’t remove any pokestop or gym unless the portal is indeed not in place anymore. I tried to report these editions or the portals as invalid but they don’t fall in any category and Nia don’t change a thing.

I have no idea why Nia allow 15 submissions and more than 50 editions. We need to stop this nonsense!


  • You need to give a location for this and use the @ with a mod.

  • RostwoldRostwold ✭✭✭✭

    Surely Niantic could search for these ultra high density clusters automatically?

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