Giving Myself Something to Do

I live in a suburban area dominated by long-standing “permafields” maintained by people who drive a lot.

I walk and bike and frequently have little to do in Ingress.

Anyone else wonder whether Niantic would ever alter gameplay in such a way as to enable people under fields to hasten the degradation of overhead fields by taking some action, like capturing portals, or performing some new action that’s not yet built into the scanner?

Kinda dull as thing are. The game in non-urban locations seems to favor people with a lot of time and a willingness to spend that time in a car. This is perfectly ok. It just makes things dull for those of us who really do like to get out in different ways.


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    Use the mechanics already available against them.

    First travel to or reach out on faction comms to have someone travel to one of the large covering field's main anchor points and take it down.

    After that, throw up many small links across areas you know these agents typically link over to create their fields that cover your play area in order to block them from fielding you. You can even just throw links around the outside of your play area to kind of ward them off a bit so long as they dont completely try and engulf your area links and all.

    Another option is to just reach out and ask them kindly to reduce the fielding over your area, they may not even know there is an active agent trying to play in the small suburban are where they are just traveling around the outer rural areas to link and field all the time and your activity pings in the feed is of course leaving a limited foot print where all it shows is you capturing portals and not linking or fielding where you are unable to do so.

    That is the only thing I can recommend for now unfortunately.

  • They should exponentially increase decay for each portal fielded over that isn't linked to an anchor. This issue has existed for who knows how long, though. Nothing has been done and possibly never will be done.

  • "First travel to or reach out on faction comms to have someone travel ..."

    That's my whole point. People who don't drive around in cars should be able to actually do something themselves.

  • Pretty much, you can hack and capture. That's all. And why hack for keys you can't use?

    Making a VR mod that allows you to throw links to and from a portal under a field would be a great start. But it's been 7 years and they haven't done anything.

    I'm a Cargress player that throws these stupid fields but I don't care to keep them up unless there's a reason like blocking enemy links. I don't like depriving myself and others the right to play this game. A smurf BAF'd me real good before and I just took it down and played like usual. I'll even frack an anchor so it dies in a day or two since I like playing

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    Dull? Nah.

    Annoying? A little bit.

    But hey, who said we are limited by only fielding? There's always other things to do while under PUTCOLOURHERE thick field.

    We are called agents for a reason, @Achaar .

    Find your skills, find your community, get in touch with the trusted agents who will do as much as you if you're in their shoes, and never collude with the opposite faction. These are just some things that are available out there, for a suburban player.

    Source: suburban player, living in an area with six portals since 2016 until the portal submissions started again.

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  • It's really fun to attack and create triangles. I sure as heck wouldn't be playing if all I could do was hack and deploy

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    Well, a faster decay rate for fielded portals would be nice to see and a game changer aswell.

    I'm up for that.

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    Yeah, but the keyword here is limited. Why limit ourselves to only few things only when the possibilities are almost endless? :)

    Guess those who disagreed at my comment earlier must have thought fielding and attacking is the only way to move forward and contribute to the faction.

    [There are field arts (should the sky is clear), hacking, deploy badge, upc, upv, intel, missions (mosaics or single), meeting up agents, beer or drink sessions, ops, block killing, and these are just a few.]

    Can't blame them if that was all being taught to them since beginning. Oh well. Lol. I'm just here, bug-a-booing.

  • If your circumstances don't allow you to drive, this game is ****ing boring if you're fielded over. You can do things. They just aren't fun things to do. Why meet up with other agents for key swaps if there's no way to use any of them? Glyph hacking is fun but gets old fast if it's all you do. Deploying isn't particularly engaging. The game is competitive. What competing is there if you can't drive an hour one way to take out a giant field? Missions are limited and some require you to throw links.

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    I don't know, man. I am fielded over most of the time, so I learn to make do. If I have a transport, will **** the anchor. If not, then I will think of other ways to occupy my time.

    It's all about mutual respect. I did my share of gatekeeping before and it's loses its charm over time. :(

    True, that Ingress is a competitive game, but not everyone see it as such 24/7.

  • You're free to do whatever you want. It's just not very fun to do all that's left to do underneath huge fields. I'd suggest anyone who can't do anything about it to play a different game instead of getting bitter at Ingress.

  • Eu para não passar raiva, eu paro de jogar depois de um mes eu olho se caiu.

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    I wholeheartedly agree with this. Admittedly it does make me feel meh some times, but been there done that. Someone's else field are someone else's free AP, and vice versa. ^_^ Cheers!

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