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Energy Tower Editor's Suggestion Review Completed: Yongfu Temple

Thank you for submitting the Ingress Energy Tower editorial advice; the Niantic player community has reviewed all Agents' editorial suggestions for this energy tower (including your energy tower), and we decided to adopt these valuable comments to improve overall quality.


Date of submission: 2019-10-21

Yongfu Temple incense burner in Beisi Li, Caojing Town

ID: HUQtdWlGV+hg7OCUpxDE/Xerel5TNPEoIdyQccAfyqk=,120.716671&z=17&pll=23.995825,120.716919

Received the energy tower editor's suggestion to review the completed letter, the content shows that the application has changed the name successfully, but there is no change in the game. This is a non-case, please check if there is any problem.


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