No access to Wayfarer nor Ingress Prime, BUT Ingress Intel Map!

Dear Niantic, Dear Forum,

For quite some time now I cannot access Ingress Prime nor OPR (now Wayfarer), because my "old" Level 12 account doesn't seem to exist in these "new" media. It worked fine till Redacted got retired, but now I can't play.

I can however log into my original Level 12 account on Ingress intel Map!

Anywhere else my account does not get found, but it still has to be there somewhere as I have it on Ingress Intel Map!

Does anybody have an idea what I could do on this issue?

Thank you for your time. :]


  • Have you ever changed your assigned gmail account?

  • Thank you for your response.

    I don't think so, but my Email is @googlemail, which seems to be an issue for Niantic...

  • hola no puedo entrar a mi cuenta de wayfarer y soy L14 alguien sabe si a mas personas les esta pasando.???

    yo juego con mis dos cuentas de pokemon y de ingress y me funcionan bien . pero para logearme en mi cuenta de wayfarer no puedo entrar alguien sabe si a mas personas les ocurre el mismo problema.????

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