Approved edits made through prime are not taking effect in-game

For the past three weeks I've had a plethora of portals edits, made through prime, approved, but not affecting the portals in question. I have tried to make Niantic aware of this issue, but have been downplayed in the past for several reasons of which one was that the response email they'd send in response of a prime edit could be a generic one, which could have approved another edit of another agent or the current location of the portal.

However, today I got an actual rejection of a location edit accompanied by a description edit which resulted in two REJECTION emails, just like it was in redacted, so that argument is out of the window.

I have made several location edits accompanied by description edits to explain the reasoning behind the location edit that were supposedly approved with one rejection email of the description and an approval email of the location edit. I also had an edit MANUALLY APPROVED BY NIANTIC through an appeal I made in the location edit appeal forums, which also didn't take effect. the link is

This clearly indicated that there is a problem with Niantic's synchronization of portal edits made through Prime, which should be resolved as soon as possible. Please help me make some noise to see if they acknowledge the issue.


  • @Konetchi, I thought this has been resolved. Would you be able to check on your end if your approved edits are now reflected in the map?

  • @M4rvz2 most of the approved edits were reflected on the map since the bug fix. Only a few approved edits slipped through the cracks on one part of a park I edited, which seems odd, because they were all close together and got negated together for some reason.

    The appeal approved by Niantic also didn't move and when i asked support they said it was moved to the correct location despite staying the same.

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