Question regarding Wayfarer expansion.

With Ingress no longer being the sole contributor to POI network, I'm curious how Niantic will handle people qualifying on multiple games. It would seem the general assumption would be that players use the same credentials for every game, so players who branch out might get multiple nominations, but only 1 Wayfarer account. This makes sense.

What is Niantic's policy going to be when credentials are different, when a player could end up with two Wayfarer accounts from two different games? This is new grounds for ToS, and it would seem an easy way to get an unfair weight with double the reviewing access, plus reviewing your own nominations.

Ingress actions are intrusively visible, but PoGo leveling up and multi-accounting is insanely easy, and MANY people play 2 or more accounts. I'm genuinely concerned what Niantic is going to do to prevent abuse when Wayfarer comes to the US.


  • harkonnnenharkonnnen ✭✭✭✭

    Unless they have some kind of bot program reviewing for them, which kind of makes it tricky to keep its rating high and yet 5* your nominations or atleast local ones, I don't see a big issue arising. Reviewing thousands of submissions is long **** work and the idea people will willingly do it 2 or 3 times is insane. Maybe a tiny positional will.

    Then maybe 2mth later the ineligible port/s get removed. That would hurt.

    At worse I think alot will be able to vote once on there own submissions. Not idea but little that can be done.

  • Wallflower14Wallflower14 ✭✭✭
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    There's people who has 2 or 3 accounts Level 40 on Pokemon Go.

    People reviewing your own submissions: the biggest opportunity to make portal network became a "POI" of 💩.

    Here in Brazil, Wayfarer already is available for some trainers.

  • Level 40 is nothing in PoGo anymore, and tons of people have a "noob" account they use in raids. Then of course you've got people filling gyms theirselves...

    Whatever happens will sure make things interesting.

  • Wallflower14Wallflower14 ✭✭✭
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    I know a couple who has their account Level 40 and others for doing that "filling".

    That's what I gave up about PoGO because it is a game with no punishment and made me lost money for buy incubator to hatch dumb eggs of surprise.

    It's a big mess to depend of luck and spend money to progress in that game.

  • @cmonineedaname

    Speaking from personal experiance; Niantic has combined the games

    So if I submit 14 portals in Ingress then 7 portal in Pokemon I do get different emails from each game, but logging into WayFarer shows all of my nominations from both games combined

    GO also would be very hard to track since many players have linked to their Trainer Club accounts (whereas in Ingress you only have Google or Facebook from what I recall). That also is the main reason most GO players are running multiple accounts in clear violation of TOS

  • HydracyanHydracyan ✭✭✭✭✭

    There should be more limitations to the advantage of having two accounts, like giving less coins in gyms if you're not alone, reducing the number of trade you can do with the same "person", etc.

    The most effective way would be tracking down account that shared same phone and banning, of course.

  • AgentB0ssAgentB0ss ✭✭✭✭✭

    My Ingress account and my PoGo account are 2 separate emails. If they offered a way to link them I surely would as to not review my own.

  • Just because two accounts use the same phone does not mean they are the same person. I know at one point in time my son played PoGo on my phone some because he didn't have his own at the time. With that theory both accounts would get banned even though they are not the same person.

    Around here many of the people with multiple PoGo accounts wouldn't get caught with this either as they get a hold of cheap alternative phones and hot spot one to use them all at one time with multiple accounts.

  • This is true. Most people I know playing multiple PoGo accounts are doing it for raid numbers, so they get a cheap 2nd phone. Like you mentioned also, I've had my kids use my phone when theirs was dead or at home if we came across something rare. I would hate to get banned for a false positive over that.

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