Monsters in the portal network

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I had a really fantastic laugh with the response to my question in the AMA

Q: Grogyan - The in app purchases have skyrocketing prices for things that cost half of what they did before. Other games have a free method for gaining in game currency, but yet Ingress still does not have this. If it were solely up to you, would you have this miniscule CM be attained by your current Sojourner streak? Would you back date it, for those of us that are over 1,670 days?

A: If it was solely up to me there would be a third red faction and giant monsters would pop out of random Portals that people had to defeat using Dark XM weapons that could only be obtained from Dark XM AR Scanner mode and be used in this mode to obtain L9+ items. I’d also grant CMU for being active daily and not Sojourner but give a bonus to it for recursed Agents. I’d also give Agent Grogyan a green Resistance Osiris Victory medal just for laughs and make it so he can only hack L5 XMPs  for random 24 hour periods. But that’s just me and things are not solely up to me.

DarkXM monsters.

If only

Love the tongue-and-cheek, of a green Resistance-Osiris-Victory medal



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