Abuse of OPR / WayFarer

There are so many VALID portals being rejected for random reasons who do we report to for this?

Niantic support themselves has nothing to do with this and won't even discuss issue


  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭

    a portal is usually removed for a reason, no pedestrian access, near a school etc etc... it doesnt matter if portal meets criteria..

  • I want to know this also, i sibmitted so many portals and they got rejected by the most ridiculous criteria ehich was not the issue

  • Having the same issue. Ever since a certain group of reviewers joined Wayfarer there have been many more incorrect rejections.

    I have submitted quite a few great nominations (and some iffy ones as well) on my universities grounds. However these have ALL been rejected for being "School (K-12)" and "Private Residential Property". It's demotivating when clearly good nominations get rejected, but before it would usually be an issue with some nominations not this many. Also the reasons given are simply not true, which is an indication that some reviewers don't know what those rejection reasons are actually for...

  • Thats not what this discussion is about

    I am talking about when you submit a new portal candidate and it gets not approved for obvious false reasons

    eg I have a Park that was rejected for being on "private residential property" ???

    I have a Community Map that was rejected for "wrong location"

    I have a Bridge that was rejected for "not meeting criteria" (and this is a VERY unique bridge too... visually alone it should have been a portal but then in AMA Niantic actually confirmed a bridge on pedestrian trails should always be acceptable)

  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭

    Yes but many times i get up good candidates but cant verify the location due to no street map or 360 view on the current position.. so its hard to judge many times if the portal is really there or not.

  • AnlashokAnlashok ✭✭✭

    That's what the 3* Location Accuracy rating is for: cases where you say to yourself "it might be there, it might not be there, I can't tell because there's things in the way on the overhead view and there's no Street View available".

    Anything below that is "I'm pretty sure it's not there, and I can't figure out where it might be instead".

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