Removal Portal Appeal - Paradise, Filderstadt, Germany

This had become a Portal in the early days of Ingress. A "unique local business" indeed ... a brothel.

In the "Wayfarer Guidelines" adult entertainment is stated as ineligible.

One of my teammates who is also playing Pokémon Go, thinks that this may be a dangerous place (especially for children). But even adults may get into trouble, if they raise suspicion by the brothel's "security".


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    edit: even though this is the wrong category and incorrect procedure.

    I support this request. In addition to being "adult entertainment", this very "business" made alarming headlines in the past with lawsuits for suspected gang crime and forced prostitution. ( source: ... use translator of your choice).

    There are plenty of portals in the area - we can do without that one.

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  • I strongly support the removal of this portal.

    The nature of this adult business is given in plain sight in the portal's description. The news report cited above links this to organized crime.

    This is an gym in PoGo. I don't want kids playing on the turf of some organized crime.

    I Reported this ingame. However there is no input for this kind of unsuitable portal.

    On similar grounds, a nearby portal named Tescherwitschke should be removed. By its own right, that portal is Ok, but the Paradise is just across a parking lot in direct sight from there.

    Should you require information about this, e.g. images, I could supply these.

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    The only reason this portal would be removed is if Niantic enforces its exclusion on adult-oriented businesses or services. The only saftey issue that Niantic is concerned with is can a person walk to the building safely. Safety of people's reputations is not a considering factor.

  • It's gone, thanks for your support.

    I couldn't care less about the reputation of a player. However, the Niantic games, esp. PoGo and WU are played by a younger audiences. In my part, that includes my son.

    I just don't want headlines saying Game X lures kids into adult territory. I am fairly sure, neither the gaming community nor Niantic would want this to happen.

    Another friend playing PoGo had a similar adult entertainment in her wayfarer reviews. Please people, consider what you are doing.

  • Invalid Appeal - It looks like we haven’t gotten to this request yet or it hasn’t been submitted via the Scanner; at this time, we only take appeals to overturn decisions we’ve already made.

  • Appeal Accepted - Thanks for the appeal, Agent. We gave this a second look and decided to retire the Portal in question.

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