Wayfarer Feedback

I'm a UK reviewer and while there is lots I like about Wayfarer (choosing my upgrades in an area with an undetermined total review time is a godsend) there's a lot I don't like and I'm going to list them.

I do most of my reviewing in the dark when I can't sleep. White mode is horrific. I've been reviewing less overnight because it's just too much. As someone who has to review portals to get her own subs seen by the system it's frustrating.

I can't see the portal photo and title/Description on one screen. I review exclusively on mobile. I hate not being able have a proper first impression on a candidate when all I see is a photo. Some of the best and most interesting candidates have well written and thought out descriptions and a not-so-obvious photo.

Edits are broken. I cannot click the map look at Streetview to determine the correct location or determine an appropriate title. It just crashes my web page.

Rating SAFE ACCESS before actually looking at the location on Streetview or Satellite. This one really annoys me because how do I know a candidate is safe until I can see where it is? Going by the photo alone is a bad idea because so many want to conceal potential issues. I constantly backtrack to rate safe access because I can't rate it in this order. Theres one place i review super close to me that i end up 1* location every time because the pin is never in the right place, and sometimes on train tracks.

Autoscroll also skips straight over the supporting information. Just because I don't rate that doesn't mean I don't want to look at it.

Thanks for reading this far! I hope some of this feedback can help make Wayfarer better for all.

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