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The Idea came to me after one that I covered, alone, Pavia and, given the success of the thing, I thought it best to extend it to the whole provence of Pavia.

I draw a sketch on the Intel using as a vertex one of the portal that I had used to cover Pavia the fist time to the east; in the south, since I have a good knowledge of part of the Pavia's provence, expecially of the valleys of the Oltrepo' I choose Pregola (place famous for the tennis club of Brallo) and as another summit, using a proposal from MAle121 when I covered Pavia in single, To extended the field in Milan. At this point big problem: I realize that it is a bit too big to made alone, I ask the Comm of the provence of Pavia who collaborates for helpme. I went both to Milan and to Pregola and we will get the keys.

Check again and, with Lordkairon, slightly modify the drawing and switch from a multi with 19 layers in Milan to a double multi with 16 layers in Milan and 3 in Cervesina.

First problem: No one who breaks up, it is I who do clean-up in my free time and I was followed by smurfs (with the Res Eta Beta that send me messages when I break out of my area) then I ask in comm who is among our most near Navigli area and MAle121 lives there, change of roles: I break and she pulls the 7 layers from Milan that I had to pull myself.

Perfect, we decide the CP for Sunday 13 October, midnight CP, Gjeva gives me an help to clean but warns that it will not be available at the CP, the Comm of pavia are warned not to cross outside of Pavia, Gsalerno does cleaning and Elby remains available after 11 pm  but I have to give him more keys of Pregola to kairon and then so much that I have at least a second copy of the keys of the whole line of portals in Milan and since I was passing near his house to go to a friend in Voghera, we take agreements and I leave him a capsule with 3 keys of Pregola and all the keys of Milan hidden inside a portal near his house (something we had already done in the past) and here begins the second problem: we are in anomaly and the objects are on the ground only 15 minutes, I did not know and at Lordkairon did not think of anomaly in progress ... three keys lost however Lordkairon goes to Pregola and recovers a fortnight of Pregola while I make agreements with Cesirah who was in Milan with the Orsi for give us the keys to the Milan thread and that give back in the province of Pavia also breaks a link that got in the way.

Theoretically, everything is ready, perhaps a bit complicated, but we are crossed: Maxximilian91 near Voghera and another ENL cross the draw between Stradella and Pavia durind the OP in progress.

A consultation with LordOfKranken is requested, AND WE ARE IN ABORT.

The field is postponed to Thursday, after a few days of general silence the lines are cleared of cesirah, GSalerno and Elby remain available on Pavia, Maxximilian91 control the People in Voghera and Gjeva destroy the portal of Vione (RES portal) and cover on a field ready to use an Ada during the OP.

We need an an Intell, LorOfKraken contacts DoppioM.

The CP was at 11:00 pm, I went to Milan three hours in before and try the route, it takes 15 minutes insulting traffic lights and the velox that is in the street.

At this point a panic attack: an ENL L8  links random in the Colonne of San Lorenzo’s area, near the line of portals, it must be traced: MAle121 leaves from house but this player passes along the line without doing damage.

From here it begins, MAle121 deploys the portal's line coming down from his home.

22:00 Lordkairon and Cesirah are in Cervesina (in Pregola no one is needed, I think it has about twenty people live here).

From 10:20 pm to 10:35 pm I destroyed the power station, the park and 2 portals but I have to use two Jarvis.

22:35 Gjeva Ada his field

22:36 insulting Prime interface Lordkairon link the anchor

22:35 MAle121, in bike, pulls the first 7 layers, and all the rest of the links on Pregola risking to **** herself  on the tram tracks. At the same time LordKairon and Cesirah, led by Doppio M, close the fields from Cervesina, as soon as the Milan thread is finished LordKairon and Cesirah do the one on Cervesina: at 22:59:36 seconds there are been closed 18 layers, the last was outside the CP but they are like two and a half million MU for the faction and a green wave in the 03 graphic.


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