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Why is there no ingame badge for ruck the box?

I think its similar to the prime challenge.

Ok you get the patch (really nice patch)

But why nothing in game? You get one for Stealth and one for ocf. But for running 10km with plates at the anomaly you get nothing


  • Hi @freiburger ! Thanks for your question.

    We decided early on that Ruck the Box should not be about a badge, but about moving during the anomaly, for the anomaly. It's a completely voluntary event for anomaly play for those that want to do something a little different during the anomaly and play Ingress in a different style.

    Because the event is a compliment to the anomaly itself (not a separate event), in TKO/GORUCK-style, we reward a patch as a compliment to the anomaly badge you receive for participating in the anomaly. We believe physical patches are meaningful in a way scanner badges are not, as you can wear them in your everyday life for all to see, not just players.

    Hope that answers your question! We do not have any intention of rewarding a scanner badge for any future Ruck the Box events.

  • Thanks for your quick answer @GORUCKHQ

    This totaly answers my question.

  • Thanks for the clarifications !

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